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Behold, true believer, the Brush Team welcomes you as a member!  We shall whisper your name to the Ur Tooth, which will tickle it's roots, bring plenty to the tooth field, and aid our rebristling efforts!  Stay tuned to hear your name whispered!

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Welcome sister-and/or/not-brother!  Via this secret corridor you will be made aware of special events, sneak previews, and other things most fun!  A monthly newsletter will reveal portents and mysteries of our franchised universe.  Note:  If enough fair folk support our efforts, this reward will become weekly!

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By the holy glow of the Dentine prophecy!  I behold:  YOU!  There, in my tooth-o-scope!  Lo, I praise your loyal name!  Gain access to video commentaries, karaoke tracks, and hangouts.  So that all may note your status and rank, we will send you magical sticking papers bearing the holy symbology of our mighty humble faith.  Includes:  handwritten note of thanks and apology.

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About The Fall of the House of Sunshine

Huzzah! And welcome pilgrim, Tooth Bless Thee! You have found the Patreon page of the musical comedy adventure mystery podcast THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF SUNSHINE. Won't you stay a spell and rest your weary teeth?

You came on a fortuitous day, friend!  Today we're having a 'cast raising!  The whole town will gather to hoist this simple 'cast into the eyes of Pod, a lesser tooth'd deity.  And from these meager beginnings, our story will reach the ear bones of many a traveler.  Tooth be praised!

What's that?  How can YOU help?  Well, wiggle my rootstalks, aren't you a generous - and probably very handsome-slash-gorgeous! - patron of the oral arts!  It's true, we all must tithe 50-to-80% of our incomings (GROSS not net) - so sayeth the third book of Bicuspert!  Thank ye, pilgrim, for sharing your dosh here!

With your help, this here 'cast can become something truly special.  Many a penny has gone into building something unique, musical and strange.  Very strange!  All proceeds will go to making this 'cast the best it can be and compensating all the brothers and sister who helped bring it to life.  With a little help, we can deck this here 'cast out - with weekly updates, soundtrack downloads, Q and/or As, vinyl decals, and other degenerate heathen pleasures from your disgusting coastal cities!

As a way of saying thanks, we'll throw in a little prayer for yah - so you don't burn none once your filthy body has slipped this mortal realm!  And if you're wanting to give a little more... PRIZES!  And bribesGIFTS!  GIFTS can be yours!  Our faith has a simple complex system of levels, pulleys and small rocks that can be explained to your right. 

Thank you so much for considering giving to us and supporting independent oral artists.  This here town is a bunch of tooth-lovin' weirdos who just wanted to create something for all the other weirdos to weird out about.  Also one of us has a kid and that kid eats.  A lot.  Too much?  Maybe!

Thank you for listening!  Go in Tooth!  Serve the Tooth!  PRAISE BE TO TEETH!
$51.48 of $100 per month
We can pay for a single actor's personal grooming regimen!  The monthly newsletter becomes weekly!  Newsletters include (but are certainly not limited to):  Dankent's Case Files; Secret Histories of the Dentites; Redacted Script Pages; Historical Documents and Ephemera from the Sunshine Smile Hour; Digital Postcards from New Molar; Specials and Early News of Live Events; and News as to What the Heck our Actors are Up To!
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