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Friends, Haters, Cultivators! We're an engaged lesbian couple who are exactly online enough to go ahead and start a podcast about Mo Xiang Tong Xiu's web serial novel/internet animated series/manhua/audio drama/live action series/ice cream advertisement vehicle Mo Dao Zu Shi! Every week we talk about an episode or some chapters or what-have-you and do some goofs. We like to do it! And we try to make it so that anybody can jump in and have a "laff" even without knowing anything about the series, the genre, or anything really at all. We sure don't!

We're hoping this Patreon will give us a way to improve the podcast (make it more Entergaging). If you feel like supporting us beyond just sharing our links, this will give you a way to throw some treats in our mouths as well! After all, Wei Wuxian isn't the only grown adult in their 30s who's completely dead broke.

We appreciate you giving this page a look, listening, donating, sharing, not slowly killing us with musical brain poison, or whatever it is you decide to do. Semper Bunny!
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We can get a new microphone that actually sounds good. Now you can hear it even better when Fallon decides to hit their vape during an episode!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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