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About PodScribe

I love podcasts. My wife loves podcasts. Everyone loves podcasts.
The truth is though, the world of podcasts has a long ways to go.

Why doesn't each episode have a transcript? Why can't I easily share just the text, or even just save it to a notebook? Why when I use Google and search for information on a topic doesn't it just show me a podcast episode that has exactly what I'm looking for?

Lots of companies are looking at some of these issues, but most of them are incentivized to create a walled garden with their capabilities. My goal is to harness the power of the web that already exists and really make the content of podcasts much more rich and well integrated into the web that already exists.

I've got started by focusing on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast as it can be very dense and rich with information (sometimes pretty ridiculous and silly as well), but I now support any podcast your heart desires (so long as it's public).
Head over to PodScribe.app!

If you have other podcasts you'd like to see me support, reach out, become a patron, and we'll get started!

I utilize Google Cloud's Speech-to-Text APIs to get the initial transcription for each episode. Depending on the length of the episode this costs between $2.50 and $5.00 per episode. On top of that, there of course is some other labor involved (I'll automate more over time).

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