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About Cindy Ramey

About Me:
Hey folks! My name is Cindy, some of you may know me as ‘Aerokat’. I draw art and draw art for a living. I have finally taken a very risky step to try and support myself and my family with my artwork.

I have been drawing since I was 9 years old and can’t imagine myself ever NOT drawing. I love creating and telling the crazy stories in my head thru art and comics. And I want to share my creativity with everyone online! I am passionate about my comics and want to give a whole lot more to everyone out there. That is why I humbly ask you all for your support.

It takes a lot of time to put comic pages together… there is the writing, sketching, inking and coloring, adding text. I will finally have the time to give to the comics… to give you more! Below there are different pledges that you can choose from. The more you pledge, the more you get. The higher we get to the reached goal, the more updates and specials you get!

What your Pledges go to:

While I love drawing comics and enjoy sharing it with you all…. it’s now my full time job. Your support will go into helping me create art and comics for you. What this means? You are paying for my time to work on comics. You are helping keep me and my family fed and clothes on our backs. While I continue to give you comics and art!

Why Patreon?

Patron is like Kickstarter, just in smaller terms. Instead helping pay for one large project, you are pledging month to receive updates from me. Depending on how much you pledge a month, you can receive certain patron only goodies!

About the comics of Poecatcomix:
You may know a lot already about my comics or may be new to them.
  • Starfire Agency: A long running web comic and available in print. Patrons will get to see new pages that no one else online will get to see. Along with other exclusives. SFA is a comic about a group of college students from Gemini University, who investigate the paranormal, the strange, the unusual and the things that go bump in the night. The group consists of Rachael, a redhead with the fascination for a strange angel man, that has looked over her throughout her life. Denver a bit of a hyper, nerd, hippie, comic con, science geek, that has been abducted by aliens on more then one occasion. Tucker, a sophisticated sort of calm guy.. “ahem” .. one that has a hard time keeping his cool when Denver gets into his hyper attacks. And finally Alex, a girl that is a bit more.  Her family is from a long line of vampire hunters, but she only wants to study them, not hunt them. Rated PG-13 
  • Nightshift: Another Long running comic that will be posted online and available in print. Patrons’ will receive early updates and special exclusives to the NS verse. What is Nightshift? It’s a comic about cops and robbers. Just add a few vampires in the mix. Particularly one by the name of Cage Blunt… who joins the Nightshift at the NYPD to earn some money for himself. This comic contains so many characters that there is no way to list them all here. But they are all unique and different in their own ways. Which leads to different personalities and heads clashing. A bit of a Gritty Kitty category to this one….  Rated PG-13
  • Hellkats: A newish comic to Poecatcomix. It will be posted online as well as be available in print. Patrons will receive early updates and special exclusives as well. Hellkats is a comic about a nephilim named Draven that has to work along with a daemonees named Teivel. So say the least… neither get along well. But both are working together to achieve a final goal. This comic is labeled in the more on the heavy side “Gritty Kitty” category… violence, adult activity are contained in this comic.  Rated PG 13 - Rated R
  • Collaborated comics….Comics that I have collaborated with others… such as Lunar RisingNox Prophecy, the SWAT Kats: Nova Squadron Fan Comic. Patrons will get to first access too all of these comics!

What will you put on Patreon?

I will be putting up early pages that Patrons will see a week or more before other online viewers and in the case of SFA, they will see comics before any other online user. There will be exclusives posted… posters, art, comic planning, comic thumbnailing. I’ll get some Art streams in here as well!

* When I produce comics, I work in sections. Depending on your tier and what comic I am working on at the time.... you will see some or all script, thumbnails, planning. Then sketches or lineart of comics. Then finished colored comic pages. Finished comic pages with upload bulk of 5 to 10 pages. A whole finished comic may be uploaded within a month or two. Then there may be a month or two of only lineart and scripts, before a new set of finished comic pages are loaded.

*NOTE* Rewards will not be posted on Patreon. There will be Password Protected links for Patreons. Once a patron have successfully paid their first months pledge. A password will be emailed to you from at that time.

*CAMEO NOTE* (NOT AVAILABLE ATM) Read Here: Cameo Guidelines
$411.75 of $500 per month
When this goal is met. I will draw a finished piece of art that may or may not be from one of my titles. It may also be something for the future that I am wildly plotting! Polls may be used at times to narrow down a drawing idea.

What this goal means for me. It helps pay my Medical Insurance, utilities and groceries.
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