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Nuggets of Wisdom
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These are small but valuable nuggets of painting wisdom, mostly about one paragraph. I might tell you something about color, lighting, or how to achieve a certain effect, how to thin you should go, or occasionally maybe just something interesting about an old master painter. And maybe even something helpful about organizing & planning life.

(1-4 nuggets per month)

SAVE MONEY to buy a painting (+ nuggets for free!)
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In this way I would like to make it easier for people to buy a painting. At any time you would like to buy a painting from me, we will take a look how much you paid me through patreon. This amount I will take off of the purchase price at any painting at at that specific date. 

Let me please explain in detail how it works. If you have any questions after reading this, of course please message me.

There are two possible situations. For example, you might have paid for ten months, and the painting costs $300. Then you can buy the painting for $150 at that point in time. The amount you save gets back to zero from that date on. On the other hand, if you want to buy a cheaper painting that for example only costs 100 dollar. Then 50 dollar stays available for a later date to buy another painting. 

Please notice there is no 'real' savings account. This will all be done in good faith on a gentleman's agreement. I will not ever give money back. Also it is strictly only for buying a painting, not for any other item in my shop. The advantage for you, compared to saving some money yourself, is that by being a patron you will be automatically more involved with my work, and painting in general. Also you do make a big and very direct difference in my life, which I cannot express enough...

PS important: the maximum you can save every month is $30. If you intend to pay $40 for example that is possible and I will be grateful for the generosity. But the excess of $10 will then not count as saving. Please do also consider the other offer about saving money for $33, then you get all articles as well.

30+ minutes videocall
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Every month you get 30+ minutes to ask me anything about painting live on video via skype, or any other platform for videocalling. A normal call is fine too if you'd prefer that. 

You can also send me your work via e-mail and I will give you constructive feedback. We can also discuss what kind of materials are best to use, maybe what literature to study and plan out a new painting you are going to do. Pretty much anything is up for discussion!

SAVE MONEY to buy a painting (+ all articles / nuggets)
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Save $30 per month to buy one of my paintings on And get access to all articles and nuggets of wisdom for only $3! Please read carefully the other SAVE MONEY offer for a painting on how this works.