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About Poetry for the People

What is "Poetry for the People"?

For centuries, poetry was a unifying force in society: farmers and aristocrats alike shared a common knowledge and participated, to a large extent, in a common poetic story. Nowadays, things have changed. Poetry has been pigeon-holed to the classroom or the academy, and therefore become unapproachable. Our project is to reclaim poetry one poem at a time, placing it back in the rightful hands of the people! We hope that moms and roofers, bankers and programmers, nurses and car salesmen, bricklayers and engineers, painters and journalists, young and old, will take pleasure in these poems. Poetry is language measured to bring out its music and crafted in such a way us to nourish readers and listeners on the goodness, truth, and beauty around us. Fyodor Dostoevsky was right when he boldly claimed "beauty will save the world." We hope that this podcast on poetry can contribute, in some small way, to the renewal of all things. 

Why do we need your patronage?

Poetry makes life more beautiful and meaningful, but it doesn't always pay. We love to write, study, and teach poetry. Since we have given up teaching for the present so that Clinton can study poetry and theology at an excellent program at The University of St. Andrews, we need financial help to support our efforts for the people. Clinton edits the poetry section at an online journal and co-host two podcasts. Sarah is completing a MA in Classics, and plans to write here thesis this year on the inspired poet, Christina Rossetti. We believe that we are called to these endeavors, but they take additional time, energy, and funds. We would appreciate your patronage as we continue to write and record for the cause of poetry and nourishment of our listeners' souls.
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If we reach our goal, we vow to create a literary video tour of St. Andrews!
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