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My name is Lovely Garcia currently leading a group of aspirant writers in facebook. I along with my co administrators are helping new poets by enhancing their talents by means of conducting poetry challenges in a study group called POETRY PLANET. And to benefit them with their efforts to learn, I compile their winning poems into an anthology book and publish it as non profit book in Amazon and Bookemon. I was able to publish 12 anthology books of winning poems from 2017 only. Then recently, one envious person who owns a publishing house accused me of infringement and tried to defame me, she was able to remove my account in Bookemon because fabricating false accusation against me. Because of that, i thought of a way to protect my books along with 18,000 new writers that believe me. That is why I am gathering a fund so I could build a new publishing house, and can make myself a registered publishers so no one can try to ruin me . This fund raising is to benefit aspiring writers to publish their won books for free, this will give chances less fortunate yet talented ones become published poets in the future, this will also serves as protection to their works by means of copyrights. If the fund raising is successful it can benefit the following:-free books for every contributing poet in my anthology
- having our book launching assemblies so we can introduce our works to the world
- hiring book reviewers and proof readers that will make our books fit for publishing
- hiring lawyers that will protect us about legal matters
- and lastly, i will protect our copyrights.
For poetry lovers like me, i hope you will help me with this vision. THANK YOU VERY MUCH
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