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We’ve been publishing Poets Reading the News since 2016. Our favorite aspects of this project have always been giving a platform to emergent authors, building rich relationships with talented poets, and amplifying the stories that don’t exist elsewhere in the literary community.

In this time of disappearing independent media, it’s vitally important that Poets Reading the News is there to give a safe space to tender, furious, brilliant poetry about our world’s most critical issues from a broad range of writers at every stage of their career. But we need your help to continue doing it. The goal of this Patreon page is to make Poets Reading the News sustainable so we can focus on making amazing poetry possible, instead of worrying that we might have to fold before even a fraction of this project’s work is complete.

Many people don’t realize how expensive and labor-intensive it is to run Poets Reading the News. It costs $350 a month for the technology alone (website, server, Submittable...). It takes dozens of hours of real labor in a single week to create what you see on social media, newsletters and our digital platform. Organizing events, participating in poetry festivals and conferences, and taking this work to its permanent home in a print compendium have become impossible to work on without your sustained community support.

PRTN is a Community Resource and You are Part of this Community.

Think of every time you came across a PRTN poem that lifted your soul in the wake of gun violence, climate change or white supremacy. Think of the energy and love your editors bring to the table everyday. Think of the amazing events that you attended at one of our dozens of happenings. Think of the joy you get knowing there is a place for YOU in the poetry world.

We have thousands of subscribers to our newsletters, thousands more people following us on social media, and hundreds of poets we’ve published since starting up less than three years ago.

If just 450 of you kicked in $10 a month, we would be able to be a fully sustainable publication! We would be able to pay writers! We could fund contests! Plus, we are giving out really cool perks to make it even more worth your while!

This Patreon is designed for everyone: poets, readers, enthusiasts, those of you passionate about journalism and truth-seeking, friends, family and supporters from around the world to step forward and show their direct support for a project that exists FOR YOU. We are offering incredible perks to make sure that you feel amazing + loved for helping to keep us in existence.

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When we reach 100 patrons, we will begin the release of the Poets Reading the News anthology.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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