Dan Brown is creating A Tribe

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Milestone Goals
Full-Time Leader
$125 per video
If we can raise $125 per video, I can dedicate myself to the PogoTribe full-time.
Tribal Budget
$200 per video
If we can raise $200 per video we will have a budget to work with, enabling the tribe to do bigger, better, cooler things.
End Global Poverty
$42,949,672 per video
If we can raise five hundred seventy six million, nine hundred twenty three thousand, and seventy seven dollars per video, we can END GLOBAL POVERTY IN A YEAR!


Brooklyn, NY, USA
Hey world! My name is Dan Brown - I'm a video blogger / producer / editor / writer / TV host / community organizer with a long and storied YouTube history. Since 2006 I have uploaded video tutorials, news commentary, variety shows, a reality series, "gamified" networks of interactive videos... you name it and I've probably dabbled with it. In the process I have won a YouTube award, a Webby, have garnered over 250,000 subscribers, and over 100,000,000 total upload views.

You can check out my work at YouTube.com/Pogobat

Truthfully, I'm tired of creating videos for the sole purpose of building a personal brand. What I'm after is community building and intellectual exploration. Today, the PogoTribe (Pogobat's audience) is using YouTube to push the boundaries of what online video can achieve, organizing and connecting young thinkers from around the world. We are upending the traditional "one-way" model of creator to audience communication, creating a symbiotic and truly interactive community - not another cult of YouTube personality. We're going against the grain, and we need your help.

Every modest pledge helps ensure that the PogoTribe gets the TLC it needs and deserves. If you believe that video is capable of connecting and enriching world-changing ideas, please join us.

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