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Pogobat is Sustainable!
$1,500 per month
Until we hit $1500 per month, Pogobat is likely operating at a loss. I am currently living off of savings as I build Pogobat into the sustainable channel I know it can be. $1500 is the threshold where Pogobat alone covers my rent, bills, groceries, etc.
Pogobat is Hiring!
$3,000 per month
At $3000 per month, Pogobat can hire another full-time community leader to help address challenges of scale. Editing a growing number of video responses, moderating the /r/pogobat subreddit, managing half a dozen social media channels, etc. is fast becoming more than a one-person job. With an extra set of hands/brains, Pogobat will be bigger and better than ever!
Pogobat is Branching Out!
$9,000 per month
At $9000 per month, Pogobat can rent its own studio space, hire a small team to help with all aspects of production, and produce more, better content. At this point daily uploads become tenable, as do additional hosts with their own distinct worldviews. Can you say: "gender balance?" *hint hint* ...but we're getting ahead of ourselves...


Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Hey world, my name is Dan Brown! I'm a video blogger with a long and storied YouTube history. Since 2006 I have uploaded video tutorials, news commentary, variety shows, a reality series, "gamified" networks of interactive videos, regularly hosted on live TV... you name it and I've probably dabbled with it. In the process I have won a YouTube award, a Webby, have garnered over 250,000 subscribers, and over 100,000,000 total upload views. You can check out my work at YouTube.com/Pogobat.

Currently, my focus is on fostering community conversations with the "PogoTribe," my largely progressive, millennial online audience. Our conversations are usually political, always intellectual, but never without a dash of silliness. We take on serious topics without taking ourselves too seriously...

Our goal is to be more than a prototypical "video blogger cult of personality" - "Pogobat" is about much more than just "ME!" I make a point of turning the camera around as often as possible. Almost every upload features video responses from the audience. Yes, I curate and set up the PogoTribe's responses, but Pogobat's content is propelled and steered by YOU.

I'm asking for your support via Patreon, because crowdfunding is the new-media profit model most in line with the PogoTribe's values. Where advertising tends to speak in a patronizing voice, putting emotional distance between creators and audiences, crowdfunding establishes a symbiotic dynamic that brings us closer.

It doesn't take much - my recommended pledge is $3.00 per month. If you enjoy Pogobat and want to see the show continue for the foreseeable future, please contribute. For an idea of how I would like to grow the show, check out our fundraising milestones to the left.

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