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Backing Point & Clickbait at the $1 level (or higher) gets you the following three incredible things.

 We will stand up from our desks, punch the air, and scream "Yes! You are the best! THANK YOU!" really loudly into our monitors, which we assume you will hear. You'll also get your name added to the Supporters page on Point & Clickbait so everyone knows what a cool champ you are!*

You'll also get early access to articles, generally the night before, if not even sooner. You'll be emailed the copy of the article as soon as it's done and queued in the system, leaving you to feel smug at both your excellent taste in satire and in fashion -- you look amazing, by the way.

: Exclusive access to the Point & Clickbait Discord server! Link your Discord account to your Patreon account and the bot will automatically invite you. Hot damn!

*If for some reason you don't want your name on the Supporters page, or you want to use a pseudonym, please send us a message. It's your call.
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    You get everything that the Early Access Champs get, plus...

    • TWO exclusive articles, which will never be published on the website. Just for you! You can print them out and kiss them, perhaps. Normal stuff.
    • VOTE for upcoming articles in exclusive polls just for Exclusive Content Club members! It's democracy in action (in that people who spend more money get more influence).
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      Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts

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      This tier is only available to Andrew "Sports" Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts. If you are not Andrew Wilson, please do not select this tier.

      Backing Point & Clickbait at this tier means that we will stop making fun of Andrew Wilson for as long as you maintain this subscription.




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        About Point & Clickbait

        Point & Clickbait is the internet's only good website, and in a staggering twist of fate, is dedicated entirely to video gaming satire.

        Video game satire, you say? We're talking about great articles like "Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Giant Stone Dick And Balls Helped Me Come To Terms With My Own Giant Stone Dick And Balls". Detailed product reviews like "Feminism Proving Popular With Men After Being Re-Released In Tactical Matte Black." Human interest stories, like "Local Man Actually Enjoys Video Game For Once in His Goddamn Miserable Life".

        Historians will wonder why the internet's only good website is posting articles like these when it could be doing literally anything else. But we're happy to let future generations judge us. Right now, the internet's only good website can't post great content on its own forever, and that's why we need your help.

        We've been posting Extremely True And Real video game articles since launching in November of 2015, and over that time we've made make massive inroads into the lucrative market of 'having our content screenshotted and then posted on Twitter with zero attribution'. With your help, we're confident we can grow even further, and perhaps get people to stop cropping out our watermarks.

        Tim Colwill and James O'Connor are the two people behind this great content, and your support goes to help them both pay the occasional bill and buy the occasional coffee. Point & Clickbait runs no ads and takes no sponsorships, so Patreon support is the only way we can at least pay the hosting bills and save up for any potential lawsuits.

        Thank you so much for your support!

        $222.30 of $400 per month
        At this level, we will make time in our hellish real-life schedules to produce a very short 15-20 minute "podcast" of sorts where we go over some of the jokes for the month, discuss what worked and what didn't, look at some jokes that didn't make the cut, and make approximately 150 references that nobody will understand. You want this in your life.
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