PoisonedAl is creating stupid comics. (S.S.D.D.)

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You can see some random sketches and crap I deem worth uploading whenever the voices tell me.
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"Exclusive" piece of artwork at least every month with random "higher quality" (read: "less shit") stuff in between.
I want stuff.
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Want me to draw for you? Why? Have you seen this crap? Anyway, if you pledge $20 I'll do a quick, custom digital inked drawing for you each month. Also you still have access to all the exclusive content. Note; your payment will have to clear before I start work for you. Also I reserve the right to reject ideas if they are too weird and refund you. If you have to ask yourself "is this too weird" then the answer is probably "yes" (you freak).
More money than sense.
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Have a pathological fear of having money? I've got you covered! Give me $50 and each month I'll make a colour picture of your choice, worth $50 of my time. That's worth nothing in the real world! Again, payment will have to clear before I start and I reserve the right to reject requests of weird stuff like shitting dick nibbles or pictures of Donald Trump and give a refund. Oh yeah and you have access to the exclusive art of the site too.