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About Liz Rodriguez

About Pokédad:

Pokédad is comic which follows the adventures of a father as he tries to ground his Pokémon League Champion son. Have you ever played through Red Version and thought, where is Red's dad anyway? Well, he was just at work! Now he is off to bring his son home, while accidentally embarking on his own Pokémon adventure. 

This comic is as much a parody of my dad as it is of the game. Lots of my inspiration for this comic comes from my father's personality and lack of Pokémon knowledge. He does want you to know that if any comic is unflattering, then the portrayal is not accurate.

On this page, I'll post shots from my sketchbook, never before seen art, concept drawings, exclusive comics, plus your regularly scheduled Pokédad comics. I'd like to work up to posting videos, animations, plus maybe a photo of my actual dad one day!

About Liz:

Hi I'm Liz Rodriguez, the creator of Pokédad. I live in Los Angeles and work in animation. You can catch my work on shows like Robot Chicken, SuperMansion, and Anomalisa (look for the puppets). I have a cat named Lunchbox.

Every week I set aside time to work on this comic, so showing your support helps me devote more time to working on it. Your support is literally making this comic funny! Thanks! 
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