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Hi everyone, Koola and Alex here! We joined Patreon in order to help fund the podcast and hopefully grow it more. It has grown quite a bit in the short time we've been doing this, but we want to grow it even further. Until now, we've primarily been using our own funds in order to try and grow this podcast that we put so much work into and love bringing to all of you. We want to be able to do things like create new banners and some character logos, run ads on Facebook and Twitter, and other stuff to get exposure out there. But in order to do that, we need more funds. Compared to a lot of other podcasts out there that speak about the same things we do, we're still kinda small time, but we want to make it big. So if you could help in any way, shape, or form with a couple of bucks here and there, we'll be forever grateful, because it will allow us to better the content we're bringing to you on a weekly basis. Thanks for helping out. =]
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