Paul Ryan is creating a Website & Photography

Bronze: Standard Membership

$1 /mo

  • Basic patron-only content 
  • Hi-res downloads of new Pokémon artworks
  • Giveaways - NOTE : Winners will be contacted on Patreon, and shipping address is required upon contact.

Silver: Photography & Website Membership

$3 /mo

  • Name feature in credits on homepage of site
  • Early Access Photography
  • Plus all previous rewards

Gold: Ultimate Instagram Membership

$5 /mo

  • Instagram follow, as well as tag in favourite images
  • Plus all previous rewards

Rainbow: Ultimate Pokéshopper Support

$10 /mo

  • Pokéshopper photography without watermarks 
  • Rare official exclusive Pokémon artworks
  • Plus all previous rewards

Legendary: Pokéshopper Premium Package

$25 /mo
  • Your favourite Pokémon in Metal Charm form (Any requests taken) every 2 months!
  • Special Pokémon artwork print download
  • Plus all previous rewards

Shining Legend: Pokéshopper Shining Package

$50 /mo
  • Pokémon A4 clearfile artworks (Any requests taken) every 2 months!
  • Special [Shiny Version] Pokémon artwork print download
  • Pokéshopper priority merchandise advice support ...