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is creating an open world adult game
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About Pokkaloh Team

Welcome on the patreon ;)

Current team

- Hagya is the programmer
- lawfulHungry is the main writer
- carot is the main tester and adviser
- Mr.Grumpy is the secondary adviser
- meteorReb0rn is an artist (site)
- 7th-Heaven is another artist (site)
- Miguel Angel Pérez is the artist for the sprites (site)
- Avareon is the artist for the backgrounds (site)


Magic University Principal

Magic University Principal is the ongoing project. In this game, you are the principal of a new magic university. Why did the minister decided to create a new school and name you the principal? While it may sound like a good position, you will soon understand why the school was made. But in the end, it's up to you to make the university a paradisaical place full of love and with a lot of warmth that can be shared between the teachers and the students. Live in the university with your students and solve their problems so that they can focus on learning.

Public version (v0.69) : HERE
Patreon version (v0.70) : HERE
Bonus codes : $10+ patrons . $5+ patrons
Keyboard controls Walkthrough


Mozzoloh is a game finished in September 2018. It's a RPG with an original battle system. As a rescuer, your job is to save people in the monster dimension. After that, they will leave with you in your mention until they can go back to where they belong. Unfortunately for them, for unknown reasons they can't be sent back home and will have to live with you for longer than expected.
Buy or find the best equipments to defeat monsters and save the girls, tame the monster and they will help you, take care of the girls and of your monsters to make the game more enjoyable. And play lots of minigames.
By pledging, you can play the latest release. By pledging more you can unlock the gallery and have access to cheat codes.

Final version : Play it here
Bonus codes : $10+ patrons . $5+ patrons . all patrons . public
Translations list / Translation guide


Pokkaloh is a game finished in September 2016.

In the game, you win an uninhabited heavenly island and you decide to use it for questionable purposes. Indeed, you plan to attract girls in order to satisfy your lust.

Pokkaloh is an open world game, meaning that girls follow their own schedule while you follow your own. The best way to know more about the game is still to play it!
By pledging, you can get access to the super high definition gallery or you can play with cheats code.

 Final version : Play it here
 Final version with cheat codes : Play it here ($10+ patrons)
 HD Gallery ($5+ patrons)

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