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If you want to just show your support or maybe aren't interested in the rewards, then this is the tier for you!

Pledge what you want, even $1.

EVERYTHING counts and I'm so grateful for all the love so many of you have shown me over the years <3

(Keep in mind that this tier gets limited access to the feed)

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Become a monster!  This is just you wanting to support the cosplay, photography, and my general lust for overworking myself. Appreciate what I do? This is a way to show it.


- Access to Patreon feed (can't access Trainer and Gym Leader tier stuff).

- Access to Patreon channels in Discord.

Includes Discord benefits
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Whoa so you want to be more than just a monster? Well, this is how you do it! So how is this tier different?

- All the lower tier's rewards, plus:  
- Gain access to select HD photosets from the CURRENT month. Includes the non-lewd photos from cosplay sets.
- Access to private Instagram (DM me your IG name). I DO NOT purge this so once you're on, you're on.

Here I post spoilers, behind the scenes, extra photos, life pictures, etc etc etc etc 

Please keep in mind that I do all the work myself (photography, editing, cosplay, etc) and that it's time consuming and sometimes a lot of the content isn't ready until the last week of the month. Then you get mega spammed. Weeeee!
Includes Discord benefits




Hi! Did you know that no one is required to become a Patron. I will still be streaming and updating my social networks. Some of the content that I create for Patreon will be *limited* in what I share outside of here, though! But please only pledge if you wish to support my cosplay/photography!**

Follow me!

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Q: I have a question, how can I contact you?
My DMs on here are open
so if you have a question, please don't hesitate to message me! Also, we have a private Discord channel for [Monsters]+ tiers. Please keep in mind sometimes it takes me a little bit to respond. I'm not blowing you off, life just gets busy, but I promise I will respond to you.

Q: When will I be charged?
A: Patrons will be charged upon sign up, and then at the start of the month every month onward. If you just want one month, you must unpledged before the beginning of the next month or you will be charged. A link for the HD sets go out after the end of the month!

Q: Does anyone help you with your Patreon?
A: I work on my Patreon alone. No photographers, no editors, just me. I take my own photos, do my own cosplay, etc. It takes time and is a process. Please be aware of this <3

Q: Do you do lewds/nudes?
A:  TL;DR: Yes to lewds and no to nudes. Charmed gets 1 unique sexy set (plus all lower tier content, Z-Charmed gets 1 additional sexy set (plus all lower tier content including Charmed). My style draws heavily from pin-up style content. Note: I do not and will not do nude content. Implied is as far as I will go.

Q: How can I get HD sets and rewards from previous months?
A: When you pledge you will receive rewards for that month. At this point in time there is no way to receive all of the previous months' rewards.

*Any harassment or inappropriate behavior will result in being removed/blocked without a refund.
*Patrons found to be leaking content will be removed/blocked without a refund.

100% complete
Prints return. Opening up a print shop so people can pick and choose photos they'd like to get as prints.

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