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- I encourage every patron to send letters of comment to the magazine. The authors and poets would love to hear what you think of their creative works!


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- All Patrons will receive an advance copy of the next issue's cover art before publication.

- All Patrons will be acknowledged in the Patron List section of Polar Borealis magazine beginning with issue #6.


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- All Patrons will receive an advance copy of the next issue's cover art before publication.

- All Patrons will be acknowledged in the Patron List section of Polar Borealis magazine beginning with issue #6.




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About R. Graeme Cameron


I’m R. Graeme Cameron, a SF&F fan living on the West Coast of Canada. When I was a teenager I decided I wanted to be a Science Fiction Writer. Fifty years later I’m a curmudgeonly pensioner who never sold a darn thing, not one novel, not one story. Del Rey books rejected one of my novels with the comment “We don’t like your main character and we don’t think anyone else will either.”


If I can’t be a writer, I figured the next best thing is to help other writers. That’s why I started up POLAR BOREALIS, a Canadian SF&F fiction magazine actively encouraging beginning Canadian writers to submit short stories (3,000 words or less) and/or poems. All contributors are paid before publication (if I can get the money) at one cent a word for short stories and $10 per poem. Sell to me and you’ve got your first paid sale! My rates don’t match SFWA (Science Fiction Writers of America) standards, but even a semi-pro sale is a genuine first sale.


I've published six issues to date, including 86 short stories and 75 poems in all, with authors ranging from well-known professionals (Robert J. Sawyer, Spider Robinson, Matthew Hughes, Eileen Kernaghan, etc.) to raw beginners, some of them making their first sale.


People in the following countries have downloaded issues of Polar Borealis: Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, USA, and Vietnam. Just goes to show, there are science fiction fans everywhere!


Even though I pay my contributors, the magazine costs nothing. It is available online for free download to anyone who wants to read it. I want as many readers as possible to enjoy the stories and poems and I'm pretty sure "free" is an attractive price. I earn nothing, not one penny, from this magazine. Even the ads within are placed for free.


Because I’ve been a fan of science fiction since I was a kid in the 1950s reading the “Tom Corbett, Space Cadet” books. Because this is my retirement hobby. And mainly, because it’s fun!


To be frank, money, on a monthly basis. I’m funding POLAR BOREALIS out of my meagre fixed pension funds. On average each issue costs about $500 to publish. Every dime goes to the contributors. At best I can afford to put aside maybe $100 a month out of my pensions to cover costs. That guarantees two issues per year. I’d like to publish more often. The more money I receive, the sooner I can publish. (Getting stories to publish is no problem. I already have enough of a backlog to fill the next two issues. I just need to pay the authors.)

Your generosity will help celebrate and promote Canadian SF&F writers and artists, and above all, help beginning writers new to the genre get their first sale. I like to think of POLAR BOREALIS as a springboard from which beginning authors can dive into the pool of professional magazines once they’ve established a reputation and a readership. A worthy cause to support.


To start with, issues of POLAR BOREALIS. To check out what has been published to date, go to http://polar.borealis.magazine.ca/ and click on the “Current Issue/Back Issues” header in the menu.

All Patrons will be listed in every issue of Polar Borealis beginning with issue #6.

All Patrons will receive an advance copy of the cover art for the upcoming issue.

Depending on the patron level all patrons will receive one or more sample stories and poems from the upcoming issue well in advance of publication.

And mainly, the satisfaction of supporting a non-profit FREE online magazine promoting Canadian SF&F authors and poets.


But you aren’t giving ME money. You’re giving me money to pass on to THE CONTRIBUTORS. You’re not being MY patron, you are being THEIR patron. Your donations help invigorate and inspire multiple beginning writers to send in their submissions. Your donations are furthering the cause of Canadian Speculative Fiction, helping the genre to flourish and thrive in Canada. Heck of a good thing if you ask me.


I restrict POLAR BOREALIS to Canadian writers and artists because those are the people I want to help get published, but also to keep the number of submissions down to manageable levels. PB is a one-man operation after all.

But the content of POLAR BOREALIS is NOT Canadian themed. Basically I publish what I like, and what I like is influenced by the kind of SF&F I imprinted on as a child and teenager in the 1950s and 1960s. I love good, old-fashioned “ripping yarns” which stir one’s sense of wonder. I like “idea” science fiction. I like “problem to be solved” science fiction. I like “what the heck is that alien artifact doing” science fiction. Not so keen on "self-pitying character wallowing in angst" science fiction. I prefer science fiction (and fantasy and horror) that entertains rather than admonishes. At the very least, I want fiction that is interesting and intriguing. I’m not opposed to “New Wave” or “Literary” SF&F stories, but it has to entertain as well as be “significant.” I don’t want fiction written for academics or critics. I want fiction written for readers.

If this sounds like the sort of science fiction you want to read, then check out the previous issues at http://polar.borealis.magazine.ca/ (click on the “Current Issue/Back Issues” header in the menu).

If you like what you see, please consider becoming a POLAR BOREALIS Patron.


ISSUE ONE: Cover by Jean-Pierre Normand. Art by Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk. Poems by Rhea Rose, Rissa Johnson, and Eileen Kernaghan. Short stories by Flora Zo Zenthofer, T.G. Shepherd, Karl Johanson, Rissa Johnson, R. Graeme Cameron, Craig Russell, Christel Bodenbender, Casey June Wolf, Kelly Ng, Steve Fahnestalk, and Robert J. Sawyer.

ISSUE TWO: Cover by Eric Chu. Poems by Colleen Anderson, Rissa Johnson, Mary E. Choo, Eileen Kernaghan, Rhea Rose, and J.Y.T. Kennedy. Short Stories by Stan G. Hyde, Ron Friedman, Steve Fahnestalk, Michael John Bertrand, Holly Schofield, David Perlmutter, R. Graeme Cameron, Catherine Girczyc, dvsduncan, Nina Munteanu, Matthew Hughes, and Spider Robinson.

ISSUE THREE: Cover and art by Michael Dean Jackson. Poems by J.J. Steinfeld, Kirsten Emmott, Lisa Timpf, Mary E. Choo, Richard Stevenson, Matt Moore, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff and Eileen Kernaghan. Short Stories by Karl Johanson, L.L. Hill, Robert Dawson, James A. Conan, Michael Donaghue, Jonathan Cresswell-Jones, Holly Schofield, Sylvia Son, J.J. Steinfeld, Joe Mahoney, Kellee Kranendonk, S. Kay, Ira Nayman, Michael John Bertrand, William Squirrell, R. Graeme Cameron, Darren Ridgley, and Matthew Hughes. Article by G.W. Thomas.

ISSUE FOUR: Special Horror-Themed issue. Cover by Jenni Merrifield. Poems by Richard Stevenson, Lisa Timpf, Taral Wayne, Walter Wentz, J.J. Steinfeld, Tonya Liburd, Lee F. Patrick, Marcie lynn Tentchoff, Matt Moore, D.F. Shultz, Aaron Miller, Lena Ng, and Colleen Anderson. Short Stories by David Perlmutter, William Lewis, Mario Lowther, Vincent Sakowski, J.J. Steinfeld, Tonya Libud, Jordan King-Lacroix, Jonathan Cresswell-Jones, Dean Wirth, Jeremy A. Cook, S.L. Dixon, Jason M. Harley, Chris Campeau, Betty Rocksteady, Jon Gauthier, and Matthew Hughes.

ISSUE FIVE: Cover by Karl Johanson. Poems be Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, David F. Schultz, J. J. Steinfeld, Richard Stevenson, Colleen Anderson, Lisa Timpf, Andrew J. Lucas, and Robert Dawson. Short stories by Daniel Roy, Vincent Sakowski, Lee F. Patrick, Robert Dawson, Nestor Delfino, Holly Schofield, Tonya Liburd, Robert Runte, Phil Wolters, Jonathan Cresswell-Jones, Kurt Kirchmeier, Paul Alex Gray, and Colleen Anderson.

ISSUE SIX: Cover by Jean-Pierre Normand. Poems by Lynne Sargent, J. J. Steinfeld, Lisa Timpf, Richard Stevenson, Colleen Anderson, Y. M. Pang, Neile Graham, Catherine Girczyc, Melissa Yuan-Innes, Rhea Rose, and Karl Johanson. Short stories by Michelle Buchanan, Edwin Tam, Karl Johanson, Helen A. Power, Stewart Graham, Jonathan Cresswell-Jones, Lorina Stephens, Lena Ng, Craig H. Bowlsby, Judy McCrosky, Rachel Unger, Kristin Janz, and Veronique Aglat.


ISSUE SEVEN: Scheduled to be published in August, 2018. Cover by Eric Chu. Poems by Catherine Girczyc, Lisa Timpf, Augustus Clark, J. J. Steinfeld, Casey June Wolf, Rhea Rose, Colleen Anderson, Melissa Yuan-Innes, Richard Stevenson, Andrea Schlecht, Roxanne Barbour, Gregg Chamberlain, and Neile Graham. Short stories by Garth Spencer, Lisa Voisin, Steve Fahnestalk, Bernadette Gabay Dyer, Sheryl Normandeau, Stewart Graham, Kristin Janz, Nicholas Stillman, Dean Wirth, Madison McSweeney, Jean-Louis Trudel, Monica Sagle, and Eddie Generous.


Well, fannish credentials. Been active in organized fandom for over forty years. Have been nominated for fannish Aurora Awards more than a dozen times. Won twice. Received 2001 “Organizational Fan Achievement” Aurora Award for Chairing VCON 25. Won the 2010 “Fan Achievement (Fanzine)” Aurora Award for the newsletter WCSFAZINE I published for the West Coast Science Fiction Association. Chaired VCON 41 in 2016. Currently serve as archivist for WCSFA, BCSFA (BC SF Association), and VCON (annual Vancouver region SFD Convention since 1971). Also publish OBIR MAGAZINE (Occasional Biased and Ignorant Review) Magazine. May get back to publishing my Aurora-nominated perzine SPACE CADET someday. Currently on hiatus from writing a fanzine review column for AMAZING STORIES MAGAZINE online for the past four years or so but hope to get back to it.. Am currently a member of FAPA and eAPA. And a bunch of other stuff that slips my mind at the moment.


Your generosity will publish many a short story and poem.

The professionals, of course, are welcome in any market, because they have a proven readership. Beginners, on the other hand, compete not only with each other but with the professionals. To have any chance at all beginners need to write BETTER than the professionals, which is very hard to do. This is one of the reasons why beginners find it so hard to make their first sale, or follow up on a first sale with a few more.

While I’m more than happy to publish professional work, my PREFERENCE is to publish stories and poems by beginning authors. When my submissions window is open I always keep an eye out for people who’ve never been published and give their submissions extra consideration.

Please contribute. It will make my “job” (publication schedule) easier, but mainly, it will make a beginner’s eyes light up when they make their first sale. That be a good and happy thing.

I thank you in advance for your decision to become a patron of Polar Borealis Magazine. Even better, my contributors and readers thank you! Your generosity is much appreciated!

And please feel free to send letters of comment to be published in the magazine. The authors and poets would love to hear what you think of their works!


Official POLAR BOREALIS site:

POLAR BOREALIS Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/groups/248574785591454/

Official OBIR Magazine site: http://www.obirmagazine.ca/

$37.47 of $300 per month
This amount will enable me to pay over half the cost of any given issue, including the cover artist, another artist for a short story illustration, a bunch of poets and authors, and a professional proof-reader. The sooner I've paid the contributors, the sooner I can publish!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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