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Welcome to Polar Development official Patreon!

You may have some questions!: 

  • What is Polar Development?
Polar development is a group of developers that love to create open source software for the public domain.

  • What Polar Development does?
As of now we are the maintainers of MacPT (A fork of APT for macOS) NovusCLI (A wrapper for APT that adds tons of features that make our day to day easier and Novus (A beautiful APT frontend for macOS in an style of a decentralized store)

  • What's the purpose of Polar Development? 
Our purpose is to make the world better by crafting beautiful open source software that anyone can implement in their projects using the Apache License!

  • Is this the only way Polar Development makes money?
Yes, we don't profit at all from our products or open source software, our products don't contain ads or promotions.

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