is creating open source or die projects like my brain && my art \\AV animal
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You are my Patron! I will address and treat you as such. We have a symbiotic relationship. You allow me to make anything I need to make with complete trust, and I occasionally send you anything I want. Leave your address if you're feeling adventurous, and a phone number if you really want to get engaged with the magical sides of humanity. With this dollar contribution, you have possibly become a part of my art, and I add you to a VIP list of humans I love to influence and be influenced by. 

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Now you're really starting to produce me! I've done a lot more with less in my pocket. Same benefits as a Patron, but we need to have a talk, and afterwards you can expect a secret url sent to just you, for you. Audio that I will only share with you once, then you choose whether or not to share it. This is ongoing and let's stay in productive contact. Also this gets you invited to some Producer Parties that are otherwise not advertised! 




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The video above is a piece of my work - recorded my friends for a dance piece we collaborated on for Motion Pacific dace studio in downtown Santa Cruz, CA.

The voice is my relative Cathy Nelson, I recorded her playing flute and talking about her work on Lake Superior, Michigan.

2:31PM 3/6/19

Hi! I've been an artist for a while now but am just starting with Patreon. I'm about 3 years deep into an attempt at open sourcing my brain through here http://poliw.at

Currently in the gamma version

Previous logs can be found at:

http://alpha.poliw.at and http://beta.poliw.at

Other select works can be found at http://michaelwilliambetts.gitub.io

And music can be found here:
https://poliwat.bandcamp.com/ // https://soundcloud.com/poliwat/

And track art here: 

And music videos here:

I don't like the idea of making posts on patreon, but you can use this page to support me and find special secret links. I have over 700 private audio and video tracks uploaded you can only find on one of my websites. Not all listed here. And I will post on here occasionally general announcements for live shows and new content.

I'm an artist that used to work in web development - I view the browser as my main canvas. Other than that I've worn many hats, programmer, actor, student, science intern, naturalist, pianist, composer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer, vocalist, radio host, rapper, MC, woodworker, and have worked a host of many odd jobs.

Audio wise in general, I make schizop, antifolk, classical piano, lofi, hifi, video game themes, and radio art pieces.

My parents don't have much, I don't have health insurance and recently had to go to the ER - my bank closed my account, and I don't bother worrying too much because I make art all the time and I trust that if it's good, people will help me. They feed me already. I live a wonderfully free life full of friends, fun, and love. I haven't had a cell phone in at least 3 months. I haven't had more than a hundred bucks to my name in about that same amount of time. I love recording people -that's one of my biggest passions, and have some strong opinions about that process. I'm knee deep in the goal of recording 1000 humans, and am around the 300 mark (individuals, 1 on 1). I have 7 hard drives of all my own audio and video, I have a HUGE sound library that couldn't possibly sound like anyone else's.

If you meet me in person I'm happy funny and caring, if you read poliw.at the brain dump, you might be worried. But it's a brain dump and I believe that every moment of ugliness I can't help can be used as leverage- and I'm years deep into that idea. I've been poor/in debt for so long but in the golden state of California, I get by with style! 

I have a dream that everything I make remains free and open source, because I believe in my heart that makes the world a better place. I have so much more to create, even if I had not a single idea I could work on my current projects for about the next 5 years.

I have produced hundreds of beats, only about 1/3 of them have been uploaded in some form. I make new content every day, so if you are interested in something being made about you, shoot me a DM with any video / audio and I'll see what I can do!

TLDR; I make art all the time and will always until I die && please support me here in order to find out about art you won't hear of from anywhere else.

Thanks for reading, and much love!
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I'll be able to upload a new poliw.at music video(music video is the wrong word, but a short film driven by sound) every day ++ all the rest that goes into that process.
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