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About Polly Panic

I am new to Patreon and it seems like a beautiful thing. Now I just need you. I write songs with my cello, sometimes distorted and heavy, sometimes soft, and sometimes with a loop station. I prefer to have a live drummer to a drum machine, but a drum machine is easier to put in a box and travel with so that sometimes happens. And oh lord do I sing.With Everything. I struggle every time to get past the easy words to the ones that live behind things, just out of reach. Touring has always been a love. Don't let anyone fool you. It is not glamorous, it is hard, it is sticky, and you are tired. But I love it. It heckles me forward. Every dollar sent my way allows me to travel on, complete with my 6 month old baby Ash and my little dog Butters (and of course, my partner/roadie/merch guy Tom). It allows me to continue creating the soul driven cello crunch, make videos, get songs mastered and hit the road. So that I can bring music to you when you need it the most. WE can do this.
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When I reach 1000 a month I will be able to really go after growing Polly Panic.This will be your support, this will be hiring agents and marketing experts, this will be all those things and more....not to mention helping me feed little baby Ash. I need you. People always say that when you have a child you have to let your dreams go, but I don't believe that. I think you just need to find a different route. A route with friends on it.
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