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Adblock Absolution: Feeling guilty for blocking YouTube ads and denying Polygon Gaming the advertising revenue we have earned with his blood, sweat and tears? Well guilt no more, by indulging in $1 per month of adblock absolution you are hereby relieved of all feeling of guilt. You are once again helping to encourage the creation of videos you like.
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Skype Hangout: A $5 contribution will earn your place in a subscribers-only Skype group with the members of Polygon Gaming.

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Casting Raffle: A $10 contribution will enroll you in a raffle to cast with Shaft in an upcoming video. Shaft will run the raffle once per month, with every person at this tier having one opportunity to win per month. All names will be drawn out of a hat, and the winner will be contacted on Skype.

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StarCraft II
StarCraft means everything to us at Polygon Gaming. We love creating educational videos, but our passion is really behind organizing high-level StarCraft events right now. We are the organization that pushes limits, that creates edgy content & is always experimenting with new formats. If you want to see this community pushed to the next level, then we are kindred spirits. Welcome Polygoner.
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Seed Money: With $25, we will be able to run one event every three months as an independent organization. As an independent organization, we can bring you the type of fun, mischievous content you have come to expect from us.The goal is to have $75 to seed each event. Eventually we would like to reach $75 to do one of these per month.
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