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Want to get assets that almost nobody else has?

We try to publish assets regularly, but we're working on them all the time. Often an asset is ready to be used long before we've scheduled it to be published online.

Join this tier if you want to be on the bleeding edge of what we're working on, and get your hands on our assets long before anyone else.
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Downloading a bunch of anything one-by-one is slow. Why not join our cloud folder and sync the whole thing (or some of it) to your hard drive?

This way you don't need to manually download anything, and it'll automatically update with new releases too.

Options are available for filtering certain assets, formats, resolutions, etc.

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Choose an asset every month to stick your name and a link next to permanently. You can do this once or as often as you like and switch back to a lower tier, your name will stay there.

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About Poly Haven

Well hi there, glad you could make it :)

Poly Haven is a curated public asset library for visual effects artists and game designers, providing free high quality 3D assets in an easily obtainable manner.

All of the assets we publish are 100% free, using the CC0 license to make them public domain and thus usable by anyone for any purpose without restriction. You can modify them, abuse them and even share them around, all without requiring credit or even mention of where you got them.

Freedom of use isn't our only focus. The internet is full of downloadable 3D assets these days, which is why we've chosen quality over quantity...


  • 16k+ resolution for absolute clarity.
  • Unclipped, giving you the most realistic lighting possible.
  • Color charts provided, in case you need to be precise about matching lighting with the rest of your workflow.
  • Huge variety available, suitable for both look-dev and final lighting.

PBR Texture Sets

  • Not just simple photo textures, but fully scanned materials with PBR maps.
  • Minimum 8k resolution to allow for extreme close-ups, with 16k scans in the works.
  • Always seamless.
  • Aerial scans in some cases, for a larger scale than you'll find anywhere else.

3D Models

  • Hyper real assets following the PBR standard.
  • Made for Blender by default, but with other formats available to use in any software or game engine.
  • Meticulously optimized for next-gen video games and visual effects.
  • Usually 8k texture resolution, minimum 4k.

How you can help:

Creating these assets is often difficult, expensive, and time consuming.

By supporting us here on Patreon, you can not only help us afford better equipment, but allow us to hire more artists to produce even more assets.

Thanks to your support, we've grown beyond simple one-man projects, we're now a whole team of artists, many of us working full-time for Poly Haven.

If you'd like to help us continue, thrive, and grow - not to mention gain some rewards along the way - join us in one of the tiers at the top of this page :)

If you want to follow along our journey, we'll be posting updates here, on our various social media, and on our Discord.

How it works:

This Patreon page is not a paywall - by supporting us here, you're helping us create assets that are available to everyone for free. The various reward levels are ways for us to say thank you, allow you to get more involved in the process, and be recognized for your contribution.

All patrons have access to a private Discord community where they can make suggestions and join us in hangouts, as well as a Trello board to vote on various things like new asset ideas.

Payments are made automatically at the beginning of the month. For the lower reward levels, you'll get your reward immediately after signing up (even in the middle of a month). For higher reward levels ($10+) you may have to wait until after the payment has been processed before getting your reward. 

If you have any questions, just shout :)

If you'd prefer to make a once-off donation, you can do so with PayPal.

Where your money goes:

We produce monthly finance reports if you want to know the details, but in a nutshell:
  • Supporting staff & freelancers to create assets
  • Server expenses to keep polyhaven.com running
  • Software licenses
  • Computer and camera equipment
  • Travel for shoots

Every cent we receive goes straight into Poly Haven. We treat ourselves as a non-profit company and make all of our purchases, savings and reports public.

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