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About Pompberry

Hey guys, welcome to my Patreon!

My name is Pompberry and I’m a professional makeup artist, who also makes videos for YouTube. I use my face and body as a canvas for my creative expression and have a passion for teaching others and helping people hone their skill.

I’m so excited that you’ve found my Patreon page and are interested in joining my close-knit community of makeup loving patrons! As my patron, you will gain access to exclusive content like videos, private chatrooms, and even one-on-one lessons with me! So don’t be shy, go ahead and take a look at all the benefits of joining us!

With that being said, If you just love to watch my videos and are not able to or don’t want to make a pledge, that’s OKAY. I still appreciate all of your support and all the time you’ve spent watching my videos. My regular content will not be going away, this is just a place for even MORE content.

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