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Pomplamoose is what happens when Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn make music together.

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Milestone Goals
Hi-res photos and a pre-release of our next original song
$2,000 per video
Anyone who helps us get to 2k/video will receive hi-res photos from our recent shoot at the Burlington Hotel as well as a pre-release of our next song. For patrons only! So shhhh...
Get a new camera lens!
$3,000 per video
We're not "gear sluts" by any means: we like to work with what we have until we can REALLY justify an upgrade. As it is, our current camera lens isn't great in low light, and we're having trouble getting wide enough shots. So we feel like it's time to get a better lens (maybe one like THIS), which will help us shoot better videos!

Put a boat and a helicopter in your next music video!!!
$3,500 per video
We're not sure exactly HOW we plan on doing this, but we'd like to make an original music video that in some creative way features a boat and a helicopter. Patrons would have access to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of our adventures!


Pomplamoose is Supporting

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Dear fans and perhaps soon-to-be patrons,

Pomplamoose Season 2 is happening, and it’s all because of YOU!

Over the last six years, you have been the reason that we’ve made music. You’ve bought our albums, come to our tours, and danced in our music videos. And because of that, we’ve been able to live our dream as independent musicians - no day jobs, no labels - just all the music and videos our hearts desire!

Wikipedia defines Pomplamoose Season 2 as “a three-part sequel to the band’s early years, including but not limited to: videos, a tour and an album ("Season 2", released July 29th).” Patreon is how we plan to fund this project and hopefully many more seasons of Pomplamoose. If you're unfamiliar with Patreon, it’s kind of like Kickstarter but instead of pledging $50 one time, we’d love it if you would give a buck or two per video we put out.*

If you are interested in supporting us, you should check out our different reward tiers, but please do not feel obliged to give us money. Our videos are and will always be free, and it's our pleasure to make them for you. If you have a couple bucks to spare each month, and want to become a bonafide patron of the band, THAT’S AMAZING AND WE ARE SO GRATEFUL. But either way, we feel blessed to have you as a fan.

Jack and Nataly

*For more details on how Patreon works (becoming a patron, privacy, payments, etc.) you should check out this handy-dandy FAQ page! :)

And now for the rewards!

$1 patrons will receive mp3 downloads of original songs as they come out and access to our activity feed.

$3 patrons
will receive an mp3 download of all our songs as they come out (originals, covers and mashups) and access to our activity feed.

$5 patrons
will have access to THE ARTIST PACK where you can learn how to play our songs with behind-the-scenes instrumental tutorials and karaoke tracks! (This pack includes downloads of all songs as they're released and access to our activity feed.)

$10 patrons
will have access to THE PRODUCER PACK where you can learn how Jack produces and then create your own remixes! Jack will be filming Ableton session overviews of each song and making the stems available for download. (This pack includes behind the scenes instrumental tutorials, karaoke instrumental tracks and downloads of all songs as they're released, as well as access to our activity feed.)

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