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About Ponyfinder

Hello Everypony,

It's me, David Silver, creator of Ponyfinder RPG, the campaign setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying System and 5th edition of that game with the dungeons and maybe a dragon. Patrons will receive previews of writing before anyone else and sneak peeks of art for the books. You'll also be supporting the creation of more Ponyfinder content over time, in addition to getting some interesting stories to read for everyone.

In addition, those who become patrons get to participate in votes. Will the next story be about a pony druid or a griffon alchemist, or maybe a steelheart cleric? Will it take place in Viljatown or deep in the dwarven underhalls?I'll try to be consistent with this, with one chapter of at least 3000 words per week (possibly quicker). 

On that vein, don't hesitate to call me out if you think I dropped the ball in a chapter. Think it reads awkwardly? Didn't like the way it went? Let me know. We grow by being challenged, and the result is better writing for everyone to enjoy!

Some stories will only be a single chapter, while others may go on for many, becoming novelettes or even full on novels if the creative blood keeps pumping and there's still more to tell. If I feel the need, I may put a story down and do a chapter of something else before coming back. I'll always keep you all in the loop though.

Some stories won't be stories at all. If you all vote on Ponyfinder supplements, then that's what I work on. Supplements are different beasts than stories, and will typically get done at a rate of about 1 per month, longer if you guys get crazy.

Thanks for reading through all this, and I hope you choose to join me on this literary adventure!
65% complete
Did you see what I did there? No matter! Let's raise the minimum up to 5000 words per chapter and instead of a single image, do a two page comic for the work done for the month.
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