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We appreciate every penny you can provide! For your kindness we have some little treats for you:
  • Access our ponyHAUS discord channel: ponyTOWN!
  • Access to the ponyHAUS close friends story on Instagram
  • A shout out on the show the first month you subscribe
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  • Close Friends Story
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Moving up in the big leagues huh? In addition to all the previous perks you'll get a couple of other treats:
  • Make song requests for during the show
  • Listen to exclusive playlists of the hosts favourite jams
  • An exclusive sticker delivered right to your door!
Includes Discord benefits
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  • ponyHAUS Playlists
  • Exclusive Sticker

Best in Show

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You're a true blue ribbon winner with cash to burn! You receive all the other perks, as well as getting your name on our mailing list (we will send you things!)
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Wowee zowie you really like us! This tier receives all other perks as well as these fine parting gifts:
  • Exclusive merch every 3 months including a mug, tote bag and shirt!
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Exclusive Merch
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  • Exclusive Mug - Wow we have eXclusive merch! So neat!
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  • Exclusive Poster - Wow we have eXclusive merch! So neat!
  • Exclusive T-shirt - Wow we have eXclusive merch! So neat!


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If you really want to give us the largest amount of money we can think of, you’ll get what all the fans have been clamouring for: direct 24-hour live webcam access to the host's bedrooms! That's right, we'll Truman Show ourselves for that sweet guap. (Please do not select this tier.)
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About ponyHAUS

ponyHAUS is the longest running Toronto-based horse-themed art and music showcase live streamed monthly on Twitch, founded during the global pandemic to create a space for artists to showcase their work online in a time where exhibiting in person is not possible. Created by friends and artists Evangeline Y Brooks and Emjay Wright, we want to keep this show on the road long after the quarantines end, and we hope you can be a part of that!

If you support us monthly, Your cash will go both to the pockets of the hard-working artists we feature every month, as well as directly supporting the production of the show. You'll even get some dope perks for your efforts: Behind the scenes snippets! Monthly mail delivered right to your door! Exclusive merch! And more?!!

ponyHAUS is an independent volunteer-run event, so every dollar means the world!
Giddy up y'all!


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