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The introductory tier! For the price of a cup of coffee you'll be able to join my Patreon-only Discord server where I'll be posting updates and streams!

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For the price of one meal from McDonalds a month, you can get access to new episodes of 'Help! I'm Online!' as soon as I finish editing them, as well as access to the Patreon-only Discord server!

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Is getting the podcast early not enough? Do you want to be able to yell at us in chat while we record the podcast? Well have I got a tier for you. Tier 3 lets you listen to the podcast as it's being recorded and hear all of the bits that end up on the cutting room floor!

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About pooldad


I'm pooldad, I've been making music and online content for just over three years now and have been incredibly lucky to find an awesome and supportive community.
I want to be able to create more for you folks and give you more stuff to look forward to!
Thank you so much, I'll see you around! <3

pfp 📸: https://twitter.com/robinboehlen

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