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You follow and like Popmuzik and all the curated music the blog shares and you primarily want to help the site with a contribution each month. 

By choosing this tier or above, you can enjoy photos taken during my interviews and those concerts I attend. 

Submission - Solo - 1 Song / Month

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This tier is for artists, record companies and PR.
It's a way to submit a song directly to the blog and at the same time contribute to Popmuzik as a Patreon member.

If you use tier Submission Solo you can submit 1 song to the blog each month as long as you are a member.
This can be a single, a song from an album or EP, but I don't take submissions for whole albums or EP:s, only songs.
When submitting a song you will get a respond if I will blog about it or not (usually within 24 hours). In that way you know if the song will be used in the blog and you can plan your release accordingly

As i love great pop songs with strong melodies, try to submit music in the style of artists like Carly Rae Jepsen, Taylor Swift, Troye Sivan, Justin Bieber and Pet Shop Boys.

Thank you.

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You enjoy reading Popmuzik and all the music you find here. You follow the curated playlists and podcasts and love it! You want to contribute to the blog so that you can continue to find all the great music at one place.

By choosing this tier or above, you can enjoy listening to upcoming podcast interviews and watch Patreon only video interviews with artists.



About Popmuzik


My name is Johan Alexed and I'm the owner and only editor of the music blog Popmuzik.
Popmuzik is updated daily with curated music, together with artist interviews and playlists for Apple Music and Spotify. The focus of the blog has always been highlighting great pop songs from independent artists, alternating with new releases by the already established. With other words: a great place to discover new pop music and to get to know the artist behind the song.

If you are a Popmuzik reader who uses one of the various "General Support" tiers, you support my work to find new great pop songs to highlight in the blog.
With Patreon, you make it possible for the blog to continue to live. You make it possible for today's and tomorrow's artists to have a platform where they can be seen in the great ocean of new music that is released every day.

I give back to the Popmuzik patron's with exclusive photos of artists I have interviewed and photos from concerts. You also have the opportunity to pre-listen to upcoming podcast interviews as well as video interviews. (Usually in Swedish though).

If you work as a record / PR company or artist, you can use one of the different "Submission" tiers here at Patreon.

By doing so, you can send your music directly to the blog and at the same time support it. (The other way to send music to the blog is through Submithub.)

The advantages of using the Patreon Submission tiers are that we can have a more direct dialogue which is good for planning your release. Maybe you want to use the blog for a premiere of a music video or book a podcast or zoom interview?
As long as the music is a right fit for me and the blog I do think it's important that if you support me, I will support you.

Thank you for supporting the blog. As a Popmuzik patron you make it possible for more artists to be heard and discovered by the blog.

// Johan Alexed
35% complete
A personal goal is to make more album and EP reviews in the blog. 
When reaching this goal I have the possibility to at least make 4 reviews each month of albums and EP's I'm listening to. 
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