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A pledge of support at just $1 a month will help cover the expenses (hosting, domain, security, etc.) of running POP MYTHOLOGY so I can keep writing HERO WISDOM content to inspire and empower people. HERO WISDOM is a unique fusion of ideas gleaned from years of study in psychology, philosophy, anthropology, mythology, and comparative religion through the lens of geek & pop culture.

It would also help support my ongoing public activism & altruism projects such as the REAL-LIFE CLERIC project, THE SPIDERY ARMY project, and others, for which I spend a lot of my own time, energy, and money. 

Think of this as being analagous to street art. Whether you choose to support the artist or not, he will "perform" for you and  you will get a free "show." But you can also choose to support the artist if you appreciate what he is doing. 




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About The Pop Mythologist

We live in troubled, turbulent times. Yet turbulent times, as uncomfortable as they are, can bring out heroic & courageous qualities within people. 

From its inception in 2012, has always sought to be a blog that could encourage, inspire, and nurture the inner hero within readers by way of its Hero Wisdom section. This heroic potential is within everyone but it doesn't always get awakened, particularly when there is much fear, resentment, anger, and aggression.

My work is comprised of both "THEORY" and "PRACTICE." I write about the "theory" on my blog in the Hero Wisdom column. I practice this theory through my "street projects" such as the Real Life D&D Cleric project and the Spider Army project through which I raised money to send at-risk kids without homes and families to go see Spider-Man: Far From Home

The enormous popularity of pop culture franchises such as Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones serves as an opportune time to reach fans of these franchise and to help spark their moral imaginations. I draw equally from the disciplines of anthropology, psychology, and philosophy for the wellspring of wisdom they offer. But I use the vocabulary of pop culture as my "language." 

It is my hope that by reaching out to those who feel deeply drawn to pop culture, and by helping to awaken their innate heroism and moral imaginations, Pop Mythology can serve as one small contribution towards helping our culture pass through these turbulent times in one piece and to emerge stronger and, hopefully, wiser.

**The SHORT-TERM goal of this Patreon is to cover basic monthly operating costs of PopMythology, all of which I've paid myself for the past 7 years. The website & my writing are the foundation for my public altruism/activism projects like the REAL-LIFE CLERIC project and THE SPIDER ARMY project.**

**The LONG-TERM goal of this Patreon is to participate in Scott Santens' Big Patreon Creator Pledge, in which indie creators who are earning $1012 or more for their creative content on Patreon 
share what they are earning with other creators, especially ones that are struggling.**
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Having just 50 patrons supporting the site at just $1 a month would help cover admin costs & fees for running the site as well as my ongoing efforts to reach & inspire people through (a) my writing and public talks, and (b) my public altruism & activism projects such as the Real-Life D&D Cleric project, The Spider Army project, and others.
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