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Your pledge counts towards Olly’s monthly goal, if reached Olly will offer one of his LGBT+ workshops to a UK Primary School FOR FREE! Patreons can suggest/help decide (via vote) which UK Primary school receives the workshop.

You will have access to the Pop'n'Olly Discord group, where Olly often hangs out, discusses LGBT+ issues and shares new ideas.

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About Pop'n'Olly

When you become a Pop'n'Olly Patreon you are helping Olly Pike...

  • To continue creating LGBT+ inclusive 'Edutainment' for children, parents, carers and teachers.
  • To donate copies of his LGBT+ Inclusive books to Schools across the UK.
  • To offer UK based Primary Schools a FREE LGBT+ workshop.

Plus you will receive some cool and cute benefits too!

Pop'n'Olly is a self-funded LGBT+ educational resource for children, parents, carers and teachers. Our videos and books are being used in UK Primary Schools and beyond to teach about equality and diversity whilst helping to combat homo, bi and transphobia before it can even begin.

Far too many young people are being bullied, hurting themselves and attempting to take their own lives (see Stonewall's 2017 School Report) and we want to put a STOP to it.

By 'usualising' (normalizing) and introducing different types of people, including those who are LGBT+, we hope to create a more accepting society for future generations. To understand the type of content we regularly produce watch our channel trailer or visit www.popnolly.com.

By donating to us each month you will be helping us to continue our important work.

Our LGBT+ inclusive books are also available to purchase from www.popnolly.com/shop.

We want to thank you so much for your support, please come on this adventure and help us to change the world.

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If collectively we can reach and maintain my monthly goal I will donate a workshop to a UK primary school for FREE, for every month that this goal is reached. What’s more, as my Patreons, you can decide (via suggestions and voting ) which primary school I visit.
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