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About HusbandVader

The Portal Repository is a fan-built website for No Man's Sky that focuses on sharing portal addresses throughout the player community. The goal of this site is to not only make searching/finding portal addresses effortless, but also to give any player the opportunity to share their discoveries and creations with the other players. Whether you belong to a Hub, alliance, civilization or are just exploring on your own, The Portal Repository is a platform for you to share your own portal addresses with the community. 

As more and more players submit their addresses to The Portal Repository the demands on the site infrastructure continue to increase, including the costs of server hosting, behind-the-scenes security and traffic bandwidth. In order for this site to continue growing we need support from Travellers like you! If you find this site useful and would like to help support its continued growth in the future please consider becoming a Patron.

As a Patron your name will be added to the footer of the website, you will receive an ad-free website experience (while logged-in) and your submissions will be featured on an exclusive "Supporter Addresses" page!
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At $50/month we will be able to upgrade our servers for greater bandwidth, higher RAM, and more CPU cores for faster response time during periods of high traffic. Ads will be scaled back another 25%.
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