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By becoming a Patreon of Portingkit you will be added to our Special thanks page on everyone will see that you make it possible to exist.

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Our all time thank you. Access to our extra's which will be coming up. special priority support handling emails/questions. 15 min personal support a month when needed. A most recommended tier. especially when new things get implemented.




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About Paulthetall

Porting Kit is an application from The main developer of the app itself is done by Vitor Miranda des Marques and I (Paul) filled the application with content (over a 1000 game ports!!). 

Porting Kit is an amazing app which makes it possible to play your favorite Windows games on your Mac! The application is very simple so everyone is able to have their games working when they own the Windows copy of the game. Porting Kit is advancing more and more and many cool features are getting added. Learn more about Porting Kit by exploring the Porting Kit website and forum. We need your support to get this project going and getting it filled with more games and more features. Patreons are getting more content and options in the near future.

We need our Patron friends in order to maintain our hosting, our bandwidth our extra costs which costs us a lot of money to keep Porting Kit running at its best. We would be so thankful. Are you loving Porting Kit as much as we do? Please help us to improve and to expand and become a Patreon :)
$10 - reached! per month
When we reach 10,- a month, the special port Darksiders will be added to Porting Kit.
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