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Formerly Puke & the Gang, we rebranded as PortManSheau in November 2019.

Portmansheau has created over 400 episodes in the past 8 years. Plus over 170 Private Chunnel Lounge (VIP) episodes. At this point we have over 1,000 hours of content available!

With all the whiskey Andrew drinks and the hookers Puke kills buys in Taiwan we rack up a decent little bill every week. 

If you feel in the goodness of your black and twisted heart that we deserve a little pat on the back for our hours of drival entertainment then slide that grubby cheese smeared finger on over to the right and give us love. Money = Love!

Help keep us from resorting to peddling stamps, mail order apron meals, or sugar daddy web-hosting. We are far too stupid to figure that out anyway. So if you do chuck a nickel our way we will be so very thrilled and appreciative.

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