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Who are we?

The Positively Deadly Crew is a group of students and artists who collaborate together to bring you the Podcast/Vlog that is and will be Positively Deadly.

What's this Patreon about?

Follow this journey as we delve into the world of Silverborough - a small island that bridges between worlds. Here you will find many lovable characters living their day-to-day lives in a modern land that hosts a mixture of technology and magic. Bridging the gap between the realms of humanity and magic, this small yet strong island caters to many young and old beings as they learn the histories of the world and struggle to remain independent in a country that seems to constantly be on the verge of voting in a useless yet somehow pragmatic leader. 

From here you will get to meet an array of characters that shape the country just by being there.

What will our podcast and vlog look like?

 Well, mostly audio with a livestream once every ten episodes to keep things spicy. Live readings, Q&As, interviews, and meet & greets with the crew! Physically you'll hear the podcast on the web, but here's hoping we can gather enough of a following to drag in a sponsor or network that would like to take us under their wing some day! Are we sponsored right now? Nah, we're just fumbling our way through this and hoping for the best!

Our vlog, in comparison, will be a mixture of Q&A's with the crew, and alternative episodes to the podcast. How is it set up? Good question - so far we're aiming for a podcast episode once a month and a vlog episode, also once a month!

Why Patreon?

Since we're mostly a group of students we don't have a lot of funding headed our way - 99% of what we do is a voluntary basis and that's great, but ensuring we can afford to mix university with a podcast we hope to improve and quicken how often an episode is finished and edited! Also, since our Patreon is follower-based more than money-based (hence the super lower reward charts), we aim to bring in a follower base on this and other platforms. Patrons help with our ability to get better software, better content, and to ensure that you get to hear our succulent honey voices so well we might as well be whispering it directly into your ears.

What's in it for you?!

From snippets of the podcast to early access - and not to mention the swag - there's a bunch of reasons for why you might consider becoming a patron! Bonus content, access to Q&A streams, heck we might even have you named and famed during an episode! Want in? Hit the "Become a Patron" button! With giveaways, biggest fans, and other prizes there's an endless supply of reasons!

Thank You!

To everyone - family, friends, listeners, followers. You've all been amazing and we wouldn't be able to make this what it is without your support! With your support we will continue to pull all-nighters, to work our butts off and ensure that y'all are getting something that will contribute to putting a smile on your face. You're all the reasons why we are able to share with you the stories we have and the reason why we decided to grow and learn more about the world we live in - and the beyond! So thank you, thank you so much for being the wonderful humans you are!

Thanks again, and feel free to drop us a line, hit us up with those awesome comments and motivational memes.

~Becca & The Positively Deadly Crew

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Once we've hit 20 Patrons we will share snippets of the podcast episode that we are currently working on (via Twitch possibly? We'll see)!

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