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About Possible Burger

Hello everyone and welcome to the Possible Burger Project. My name is Kate and I’m a fourth-generation cattle rancher. I created the Possible Burger to share conversations with leaders in sustainable cattle production and give folks an inside look at the story behind ethically raised beef.

Factory farms and fake meat are not our only options for protein—and they’re not the best option for long-term land health. I created the Possible Burger to lay out the story of beef grown on rangeland and it’s relationship to holding on to our last remaining intact grasslands.

You may be wondering: what do cattle have to do with holding onto our remaining grasslands and why are grasslands important? In short, where there are cattle there is grass and where there is grass there is wildlife habitat. That wildlife habitat filters water and sequesters carbon. It’s home to songbirds and pollinators—many species of which depend exclusively on grasslands and are disappearing along with there habitat.

The demand for soy and other annual crops has caused hundreds of thousands of acres per year to be plowed under for row crop production. Take a moment to imagine a soybean field. In order to achieve that green field, the land was tilled and chemically treated so only beans will grow. It’s green and growing for about four months out of the year. The rest of the year the field is bare ground—no wildlife habitat, no plants to keep water from evaporating, and no soil bugs cycling nutrients back into the land.

Now imagine where cattle live the majority of their lives: intact perennial grasslands that build soil and sequester carbon year-round.

My grandfather had a fantastic illustration for this: you can cash in on the soil by abusing it or you can build soil, which, for a rancher, is more valuable than a savings account.

Farming can be done well and grazing cattle can be done poorly. That’s why it’s important to know where your protein comes from and how it was raised so you can vote on the land you want with your dollars.

This page will also feature exclusive written content, ranching photos/videos, and 33 Ranch Beef Retreat information. You'll also see my artwork pairing cattle with grassland birds to bring awareness to their relationship.

Stay tuned for upcoming Possible Burger podcasts to explore these topics with experts in the field. The podcast is in its beginning stages and patrons will be essential in keeping the project going. As most of the guests will be from remote places, my goal is to buy a small camper and turn it into a mobile recording studio.

If you like Possible Burger's mission, supporting the project only takes a few bucks a month. Check out the reward tiers below if you would like to be a part of sharing the relationship between livestock, the landscape, and their people.   

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