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 We believe that taking climate action should be easy, as easy as wearing clothes! 

We are Dj & Hannes, the co-founders of Post Carbon Lab, a transdisciplinary design research studio focusing on sustainability & dignity.

  • What do we do?

Fashion, allegedly the second most polluting industry that is only better than oil, has put the environment and people involved in peril. Catering to the urgent need of change within the fashion & textile industries, our research area lies in sustainable and regenerative dyeing and coating processes for textiles.

Our microbiological processes — Bacterial Pigment Dyeing & Photosynthesis Coating — employ locally sourced, non-genetically modified, nonpathogenic and zero-toxicity microbes to work their magic on a wide variety of textiles from synthetics to plant/protein-based fibres.

We are also a resident of Open Cell, a biotech research village made of shipping containers in west London. In Open Cell, we have a shipping container as our studio and shared lab, workshop, trailer diner and meeting rooms.

  • What are those things you say you do?

Bacterial Pigment Dyeing
is to use soil-dwelling bacteria that naturally metabolises pigments to dye textiles or garments. So this kind of means that we are using "bacterial sweat" to dye textiles. Since 17-20% of global water pollution comes from dyeing textiles, finding a more sustainable and ethical way of colouring is a necessary imperative. 

Photosynthesis Coating is a green living layer of photosynthetic microorganisms on porous textiles to enable active photosynthesis during the user phase. This means that you can be reading this sentence and fighting climate change at the same time (as long as you wear clothes)! But this coating does require a special care routine similar to an air plant because it is a living entity that can die if not properly cared for.

Global warming impacts at least 20 million climate refugees worldwide, and that is more than those who are displaced by war & political repression combined! A lot of us living in developed countries do not have the time or energy to clean up beaches or plant trees, which makes engaging in climate action seem like a lot of effort. We started the research because we want to change the stagnant status quo in taking climate action and shift it into something easy and lovely.

  • Why do we need your support?

As we are still at the piloting stage, we offer our microbiological dyeing and coating services to any interested party and individual at small scale and cost price only to ask for user-end care maintenance data in return. Basically, we are crowdsourcing our research because we cannot possibly test all the textiles available in the world. Also, there is a care element embedded within our services which are highly dependent on how the users interact with the treated materials.

Without big-name affiliation and funding support, we conduct our independent research in the community lab that is made from 3 shipping containers. So far, we have been bootstrapping to sustain the operation of our studio. However, as we are getting more and more inquiries from the rise of conscious design and sustainability, it has become more and more difficult for us to pay for everything from our part-time earnings.

  • Why are you doing Patreon then?

We thought it would be interesting to find alternative ways of funding ourselves without caving into the traditional route that normal startups take. Also, we are still doubting how comfortable we are with being more invested within the Capitalistic values and economic structures if we want to be as sustainable as possible. We want to crowdsource our research, which is already a concept that we are trying out, why don't we also try to crowdfund our operation as well? This is, ultimately, our first experiment and maybe it will fail miserably. We have no idea.

Throughout our research, we sense that the lack of appreciation for garments and the disconnection between us & the materials we use are actually the main problem for the fashion-pollution phenomenon. Like how people often want to tackle plastic pollution with recycling, bioplastic or new sustainable materials, but the real culprits — overconsumption, underappreciation and detachment — are hardly manifested. We did one project on tackling convenient and mindless consumptions, but people from the industry hated it! Hahaha!

Isn't that the same for fashion? New material inventions are important, but if we never change the way we consume, dispose and disregard entities, new problems will always occur because there are finite natural resources and we are collectively killing nature at a staggering rate! The best option we came up with is to become a service provider. We don't want to create more collections and objects that we already have so much in the world, but if you have to create, then we help you make that more sustainable and possibly regenerative as well.

Therefore, we want to start building a community where we can ask advice, exchange insights, find the most suitable narrative, tweak our approaches and engage our audience with issues that we find deeply connected to. The Post Carbon Community will be a safe place where we can all share opinions, shout out crazy ideas, offer constructive criticisms, swap experiences, learn and grow from each other to fight the climate change anxiety in a nurturing and non-judgemental way.

Last but not least, stay tuned! We are planning to add our service pilots into the membership platform as well if this doesn't turn out to be a stupid idea!

Well, fingers crossed, we REALLY hope this works and thank you for bearing with our lengthy explanation!! <3

Tremendous love and gratitude,
Dj & Hannes

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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