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Discord, playtest docs,  art/writing previews, and access to The Monthly Special: This will be a different special project each month, with the amount of time we invest in it depending on the number of Prometheans. These may include: game/industry advice articles, EP hacks for other game systems, short fiction, online Q&A chats, Your Whispering Muse-style listicles and short entries, material from our own personal game sessions (not usually EP related!), music tracks, scenario starters, N/PC writeups, and so on. We may sometimes run polls or entertain suggestions. Some of this material may later be released to the public or incorporated into other projects. 

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This is the Beta Launch of our Patreon; we're ting some ideas and working out some kinks over the next couple months, in anticipation of a formal launch in January 2020!

We're Posthuman Studios; a scrappy, perfectionist studio of game developers and publishers. The four of us—Rob Boyle, Davidson Cole, Brian Cross, and Adam Jury-Last—have been working together in various forms for over twenty years. We've made award-winning games like Eclipse Phase and Shadowrun Fourth Edition, and contributed to many more.

We're currently finishing Eclipse Phase Second Edition and have exciting and extensive plans to support that edition!

We have three goals for this Patreon:

  • Goal #1 is to help build and centralize a thriving community for Eclipse Phase Second Edition and beyond. Previously, we've run open playtests for major books and closed playtests for other items like adventures and smaller books. With this Patreon, we'll start a Discord server for more direct interaction, hold community playtests for most of our upcoming projects, and provide previews and sneak peaks at upcoming projects.
  • Goal #2 is to push our base rates of pay upwards to help relieve money stress and the need for Adam and Rob to freelance on the side.
  • Goal #3 is to grow the company a little bit. Bringing on some part-time help in a few pain-point areas would free up both Rob and Adam for more of the work we want to be doing and are best at—and increase the productivity and reliability of some of that pain-point work by having more qualified people working on it.

While most of our Patreon-related output will concern Eclipse Phase, it may occasionally instead pertain to the game industry in general, other games we have in the works (both RPG, card, and board games), or even games we are currently playing at home (currently including but not limited to D&D 5E, Earthdawn, and Dungeon World, but this changes semi-frequently).
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Arbitrary round number. A happydance is involved. Actual goal will be decided with community feedback!
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