0.1.3 Systems Release

Alright, time for the next release. Not very much by way of new
content in this one, admittedly; it's mostly back-end stuff. Link:



 the game database system, accessible from the main menu. Going into it
will allow for more in-depth descriptions of various parts of the game.
For now, there are two categories: Classes, which explains each
available class in more detail, including MP/TP data and equipment
types, as well as any relevant quirks of their abilities, and Journal,
which contains a plot recap up to the current point, as well as various
characters' thoughts on it that haven't come up in cutscenes.

 the in-battle status option, finally. Select it (it's below "item") and
 select an ally or enemy to see a list of all of the various status
effects on that character and a short description of each. Some statuses
 can be kind of complex, and seeing only the icons isn't necessarily
very useful, so the status option is kind of vital. It's a character
action, but it doesn't take a turn, so use it readily.

 the mesmerist class. The new spells function on a focus system. That
is, the mesmerist takes a turn to activate the spell, and from that
point it drains mana per turn to have a continuous effect. Casting it
again will remove the spell and stop draining mana.

-Touched up some assorted stuff in Trysnaak, including adding a few more interactables and fixing some typos. Nothing major.

-Some minor bugfixes and dialogue reworks here and there throughout the game.

-Changed the default battle music to something less default.

-Yet another attempt to resolve the "width of null" error with the ritual cutscene. Hopefully this one finally sticks.

-Added a banner image to the patreon page. Ok, that's not really part of the game, admittedly.

 with that, contingent on there being no bugs (ha, like that would ever
happen), I'm satisfied in calling this the "full demo" version. I'll
still be doing releases as normal so the term is a bit misleading, but
this level of content is where I feel it's appropriate to start
advertising in earnest. Thanks to everyone for your support so far! Remember to keep up with the dev blog for more regular status updates.