0.15 released!


0.15 is ready. Links: full build, lewd build and the early access 

What's new?

A new scene and a bunch of little things. And most of the test animations are now available in the public version. In short, look at the screenshots.

Maybe a little later I will write a more detailed text.

Now a little about the new type of build. It is intended for those who are more interested in sex scenes than character creation. In other words, all premium scenes will be provided in it without the ability to customize the character, with the girls already configured for each scene. The first may remind you of someone :)

Oh, actually the girl’s file, if you want to add her to your public / full build. You need to put it to  Documents\My Games\CharCreationProject\chars

And, of course, the last public build has been updated. Enjoy ^_^

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