0.19.e Release (Hotfix + Performance increase) + 0.19.f

pic: 0.20 spoiler! Don't ask :P Is going to be filled with quite some surprises.

So, late bug reports has made me build and release a hotfix. It includes several performance improvements I've been doing along the month while preparing 0.20, as some quick additional reported bug fixes here and there.


>> DOWNLOAD 0.19.f Windows 64bits<< 

0.19.f Changelog:

Just an Engine Update prior starting the meat of coding 0.20, important that new players play this one in case if there is some problem in the engine. 

>> DOWNLOAD Windows 64bits <<  

>> DOWNLOAD Windows 32bits <<

0.19 Original Changelog here 

0.19 Hot Fix:
-One scene not triggering depending on certain choices.
-Some graphic issues

Other Changes:

Akros Manor:
-Added additional last repeateable Hall night Hannah scene to story-sense-fix with additional variable conversations if story has advanced in the cellar or not.
-Cellar Doors exiting to correct day times.

Introduction, Penketh and Leffrin:
-Vram consumption fixes on Introduction with a Remastered travel animation to video with more frame rate. Additional Vram consumption fixes on 13 scenes.

-Some grammar and typos.
-Tweaks and fixes on documents.
-Additional Hard Drive consumption reduction.

Mother Special is ready. Took some extra time with the extra job, as is a part of a scene that will be included in-game too, So I'll show some previews here ;)

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