0.3.5c Free Release

If you already played 0.3.5 -> There is no new content in this update.
This is just a free release and some minor code changes.

DOWNLOAD Mirror: Download
There is a bug in our launcher we weren't able to fix in time, but it should be ready in the next days. Then you can download and update the game with the launcher too.

Besides some code changes to make the game less crash-y I have also reworked the phone so you can receive messages independent from the story line you choose (in future updates).
For example you are hanging out with Linda and suddenly you receive a message from Mao.

Besides that you can also change your background. There might be more features coming, but for now that's it.

Update 0.4 News:
The next update 0.4 is pretty close to being finished.
I have completed all the main renders and I'm finishing the last couple side renders (for the alternative path)


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