0.4.0 Stable Changelog + Download + Some info

Hi there!

Thanks for waiting for 0.4.0 Stable release. It was a COMPLETE HELL to make it. I never thought I'll spend so much time on it, and I don't even know why it took so much time. Mostly I spent on fixing bugs, but anyways it took just insane amount of time. Thank you a lot for waiting! Thank you.

Changelog (Dev+Stable): 

  • Continued story line
  • Added blowjob night scene
  • Added new phase for Bathroom, Living Room and Kitchen. When you enter the room, there will be a chance that you’ll see Alice casually sitting, laying, doing her own stuff etc. In this phase you can talk to her, ask questions, answer her questions. Talking will affect her stats. You will be able to touch her in different spots if you like, but be ready to get a hard slap if she’s mad at you, so be careful. It will affect her stats too. If you know the JSK Studio games, you can imagine what I’m talking about. (Those events unlocks after completing some quests. You can do only one this kind of event per day. Those events have some RNG to happen. Also, to unlock the Bathroom event, you need 60+ relations and go to the Bathroom on 5th move.)
  • Redrawed alice character with new fresh art and new animation
  • Changed character animation system, so now animation will load without that “micro lag” before showing up
  • Added and changed rest unfinished rare items (Acraga Coa and Gobayo)
  • Changed items chances and looting system. Now there are 3 different boxes: blue, purple and red. In the first box you’ll get a blue item with high chances. In the purple box there will be more rare items, but with less chance. Red box contains unique items, but chances to get them are pretty low. Anyways, now chances to get unique items are much higher than in previous updates.
  • Reworked Cheat Mode. Now it gives 10 of blue and purple items at the start of the game, instead of 99+ of all items how it’s been previously
  • Game loading is now faster. Made some small optimisation.
  • Clearing your save file from the main menu now isn’t that easy to do. You have to want it REALLY bad
  • Fixed some bugs and maybe added fresh ones

Changes FIX:

  • Now find a quest Nirnroot is much easier, you can spam any box, and no matter you had some loot from it or not.
  • Reworked Cheat Mode: now it gives 99 of items, and multiplies your night actions profit by x1.5.

Changes FIX v2:

  • Fixed bugs that I knew about (I'm not sure if Alice room black screen bug is fixed, but I never saw it and I did everything to make it work fine. Should work, huh.)
  • Changed "Alice stuck under the bed in her room" event, now it can happend only after 3rd quest.
  • Changed "Swimsuit streaming" event conditions. Check it in the Quests Walkthrough, which you can also find on "About" page or in the 0.4.0 Download post (here).
  • Changed a little bit daytime music.
  • Changed something else but screw me I forgot it.
!!!NOTE: to start new quests ("check her streams from time to time") you should unlock Swimsuit Streaming event (Alice Lust 50+, unlocked first stage of "Alice taking a bath" event. How to get "Alice taking a bath" event? Check the bathroom on 5th move sometimes.) !!!

!!! Please, start a new game! Old save files can cause some bugs. Save files from 0.4.0 DEV Build should work fine !!!

Official Quests Guide for Alice Awakening CLICK HERE 

Alice Awakening 0.4.0 Stable DOWNLOAD POST 

Thanks for waiting! See you soon!

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