0.4 Development Update

The release of 0.4 is literally around the corner. I'm finalising a few things on my end, double checking that i haven't missed any scenes, correcting some slight bugs that i found myself, etc. Once i have finished which should be around 5-6pm (GMT), i will then send it to the Testers, depending on how long they take will depend on when i release it. Hopefully (fingers crossed) it's a quick turn around and i can release it tonight. If not, it will be released tomorrow.  

0.4 Will have 2 versions. $7 and $15 will receive the Extended Version. The $3 and $1 Tier will receive the Standard Version. When 0.5 is release all tiers below $7 will receive the Extended version of 0.4 + the standard of 0.5, etc. 

Here is the planned release schedule for 0.4:
$15 Tier: 0.4 Extended BETA (Hopefully tonight otherwise tomorrow.)

$7 Tier: 0.4 Standard Version BETA (Hopefully tonight other tomorrow.)

$7 Tier: 0.4 Extended Version (Will be released 3 days after the $15 tier when it is out of BETA)

$3 Tier: 0.4 Standard Version (Will be released Sunday/Monday)

$1 Tier: 0.4 Standard Version (Will be released Monday/Tuesday)

Public: 0.4 Standard will go public 1 week before 0.5 is released.

Extended Version Update:

- +700 1080FHD Renders.

- 1 Extra girl at the Brothel. (I recommend making a save if you find the Brothel due to more scenes will be added in future updates.)

- 12 Main Story Scenes.

- 8-10 Sides. (All Optional)

- 2-5 Peeks.

- Bonus quest with Queen Bronwyn if you get a certain item. 

- Plus loads more.

Standard Version Update:

- +550 1080FHD Renders.

- 12 Main Story Scenes.

- 6-8 Sides. (Optional)

- Start of the bonus quest with Queen Bronwyn if you get a certain item. (Will be continued in 0.5)

- 2-5 Peeks. 

- Plus loads more.

We have also added a point based system, this is currently not used at the moment, however it is planned to come into effect in later updates so the points will stack until they are needed. Make your choices wisely!  

I hope you enjoy this update, it is the biggest update that we have done yet! 

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