I'm Mawi. I go by a lot of other names (a LOT) and if you know them you can use them instead. I don't mind.

Right now, I have four (Patreon-specific) goals.

1. Draw (a lot).

2. Write (also a lot).

3. Make a webcomic. Or like, three? That's a good number.

4. Survive. (<<< Important!)

I don't know what kind of content you want to see, but I figure that's something we can figure out in time.

(Talk to me! I'm an adult, I can handle it.)

If you're interested in me, my work, or my continued survival, great! I really appreciate it.

(I know tone doesn't convey well over the internet, so please trust me when I say I'm being sincere!)

Let's figure stuff out together. Thanks for reading!

(And if you consider supporting my lifestyle with your hard-earned money, thank you so much!)