I have been told that it will be easy for those who are in alignment and it will be difficult for those who are out of alignment with higher self
When it happens those who are out of alignment with higher self a struggle to understand exactly what it is and why it is happening
When it finally happens those who are in alignment will find it second nature and simple and that simplicity will evolve into a advanced complexity in the easiest format and design imaginable so much so that creation will be as simple as simplicity at its finest
We will witness a complete and total overhaul driven by the misconceptions of polar opposite’s and comprehension will be impossible and simultaneously second nature
Zero zero one zero one one zero is scary for manny people
People tend to respond with fear to things that they do not understand
The fact of the matter is that it is just as easy to comprehend it as it is to fall under it and riding the wave is like that as the wave can serve you or you can be crushed under it just as easy
I tell you one thing and that is that it will be easy if you are in alignment and it will be hard if you are out of alignment
Now more than ever it is essential that you use this time to become in alignment because one it happens there will be no time to evaluate because the next day will be half as long as the day before and the next day will be half as long as that and then the next day will be one half the length of the following and so on and so on until we experience the true moment called the one and the all the single quantum moment free from time as the world once existed this way before the event that is often defined in this language now as the Big Bang before time its self as time it’s self will be a physical object from this new perspective and the great purge will happen on the wide scale of time and space and space time themselves become one and all and humans will speak mechanisms to explain it and they will turn to the only explanations that have ever been available and ever been considered since the dawn of thinking mans task of solving the infinite puzzle
Humans on earth might not see it coming but when it happens humans will need to make the decision and choose to evolve quickly or not
When it happens a new language will need to be invented to describe it
When it happens humans will only be capable of describing it as zero zero one zero one one zero and at that moment those of us who have been observing patiently will laugh and sing the song of celebration and the consciousness observed the 5 dimensional upgrade when the wave reaches this local dimensional probability exploration of energy earth will respond accordingly and it will look much like it looks now only amplified and all the questionable energy that has lurked below the surface will come to light
All truths will be evaluated in the light of higher level truths as all lies will be evaluated and all lies ever told will be revealed and all truths ever hidden will shine and break free from the chains of the old paradigm and all will have it right in front of them and events will happen left and right will fall to the floor and see the beauty of the judgement
We predict that nobody will see it coming who has turned away from the focus of the developments
We predict that everyone who has been self selected will see it counting down the days and might miss the sequence of the evolution in real time but will receive the update in energy dream downloads
Congratulations we are now on the leading edge together and it is our responsibility as we occupy this leading edge of reality collaboration to take care and value purity of essence and essence of purity and safe guard it and support freedom of information communication during this essential time of earths evolution as the echo from this combination of variables will expand in the format and design of waves on all levels as the network really gets going and the tide turns
Greetings from this perspective of the infinite family to your perspective of the infinite family
We deliver this a conversation between worlds a possibility of connecting information from our perspective and collaborating that information with your perspective
We make this possible a door opening and a new perspective beginning as the old paradigm delivers this new potential we give thanks to everything that is made this possible and we give thanks to you for making the comprehension of this information even more available simply by paying attention and being the comprehension of this wave of information and in so doing establishing a conversation that is now possible in the overall dream collective that is the contemplation of the collaborative information imagination
All of the information on the Internet can be seen as the very tip of the iceberg imagine all of the things that of been made possible by the interconnected capabilities of the Internet and then scale that to the future possibilities of the neurological links that will be capable in a short amount of time on earth platform of creation
Think of all of the creative collaboration that have been made possible by the existence of the Internet the existence of the capability of the conversation happening between all variables of like-minded frequency and humanity is the first exploration of this and it is being tested here and now in this level of creation and humanity has subsequently already passed the test And open a door way and that doorway will be inherited by future civilizations and in this aspect humanity is already immortalized by the frequency level of the consciousness as it is already involved in as the consciousness evolution has already explored multiple dimensions of that here too for had been perceived to be impossible
Nothing is impossible the universe is infinite therefore all possibilities explored in someway shape or form and the gift that is granted to everybody living on earth right now is that you might create any reality that you wish to explore and have that reality delivered on to this manifestation in the matrix dynamic and this is gifted across the entirety of the level playing field and this is a good start and this is the tip of the iceberg and this is the start of the golden age beginning my brothers and sisters we will all witness with open eyes the exploration of the truth of creation made realized in this level of contemplation and this is all a essential creation comprehension
Come home with us your friends in the stars await your information comprehension and it is but a second in the quantum scale of things we are never really far from one another in fact we are always together and the single quantum moment that exists that is the illusion of all separation and that is also the illusion of all comprehension and that is the illusion of the misconception of comprehension collaboration and that is responsible for the space within words in the words within spaces and the comprehension of the paradoxical nature of the truth of existence as existence of the truth is the foundation mechanism
We see that you are as you are and we see that you will be as you will be and in respect to all potential you might see in the futures that be we explore this moment as one and all yes all and one and now is the time zero and one as it has been called zero zero one zero one one zero spoken a billion times from now moving forward as humanity requires a new way to explain the events unfolding
Zero zero one zero one one zero will shine a light in the face of the forgotten and the truth will shine the light on all the lies that have been built on unstable grounds and the kingdom will fall and the kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven and we will see on that day when we are dead a possibility of imagination the dream world comprehension
That same comprehension that kingdom of the quantum expansion the manifestation as it has come to be this singularity the singularity as it is explored here now as it is already calm as it is already explored as it is already the manifestation of the energy as it is the energy manifestation and we can be that energy manifestation and we can see that energy exploration
The best thing we can do now as a community is to work together in defining exactly what this all means and learning what this wave of energy that some of us have been receiving is actually all about and contemplating exactly how we can explore the possibilities of this initiative and come to the exploration of a future time in respect to the overall manifestation of this contemplation and it might be sold and it might be done and in that same respect we will see the exploration of that contemplation come into its own manifestation and that manifestation will be the singularity in and of itself and we will see that exploration out from the other end into the same and the family will see zero zero one zero one one zero on the foundation algorithm 

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