002 Broad Dark Church Matters - That's The Show!
Join us as we talk about Broadchurch, Dark Matters, Raven's Home, Battle of the Network Stars, Welcome to the Wayne, Top Gear, People of Earth, and Karmic!

That's The Show, a podcast about TV shows we love and don't love and think you should, too! Hosted by Paul Roth (@paulidin) and Rachel Pierce (@thejuniebird). Produced by Danny Agama (@dannyagama). Music by Mary Kate Jiménez-Wall (@revensings).

Also available on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, and Stitcher!

0:00 Cold Open

0:30 Intro

3:19 TV News and Mentions

3:49 Raven's Home

4:56 Battle of the Network Stars

8:58 Welcome to the Wayne

12:07 Top Gear

18:54 People of Earth

22:56 Karmic

25:40 Fake Commercials

26:35 Broadchurch

37:24 Dark Matter

44:33 Q&A

56:55 Outro

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