#004 Weather Modification & Cosmic Ray Cloud Formation: Jim Lee of ClimateViewer / ADAPT 2030 Interview
 I had the pleasure of talking with Jim Lee Interview of ClimateViewer.org to discuss weather modification programs and galactic cosmic ray cloud formation with the new intensifying grand solar minimum and how cosmic radiation management is in play to push back global cooling. Jim was a presenter at the Global Warming an Inconvenient Lie Conference. Topics in this interview:  Radiation belt remediation, Ionospheric Heater Toromso Norway, EISCAT 3D, Global warming an inconvenient truth conference, Weather modification, Space Weather Modification, Arctic methane emergency group, Ionospheric current drive heating, Polar Electro-jet heating, Van Allen Radiation belt, Cosmic radiation, Galactic cosmic rays , Tether panel radiation belt remediation, Trapped radiation air glow, Electric universe, Solar wind particles, HiVolt Tether, Sheer Alvin Wave (SAW) wave, Magnetic pole shift, Magneticreversal.org, 1960’s sounding rockets, Magnetospheric modification, CubeSat, Geoengineering, Starfish Prime, Ionospheric radio waves, Interstellar space medium, Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6), Auroral electro jet, Magneto-sonic wave, Hall Current, Strawman High Frequency Array, ELF Mobile Array, Lucy in the Sky with Diamond Noctiluscent Cloud Formation, Diamond dust from methane, The Arctic Council, Geoengineering SRM, Flux Transfer Events climateviewer.com climateviewer.org ADAPT 2030 YouTube