#005 Signs to Look for as Our Planet Enters a New Grand Solar Minimum: ADAPT 2030 Q&A
 Q&A session hosted by Disclose TV for Signs to Look for as Our Earth Enters a Grand Solar Minimum. We discussed, what is a grand solar minimum, weather events showing repeat events from the Maunder Minimum 1600’s mini ice age, cosmic ray increases forming more clouds, increased volcanic activity, just in time delivery and credit disruptions of our food delivery and how governments are readying for the events as social unrest becomes more prevalent with global food shortages by 2019-2020. ADAPT 2030 Mini Ice Age Conversations covers changes in our climate due to a new Grand Solar Minimum beginning and the media overlooking, downplaying or burying cold weather changes occurring on our planet, to keep this Global Warming Agenda steaming ahead. ADAPT 2030 YouTube Channel  Disclose TV