01/05/2017 - What's up this week?
For all you who have pledged, we have a new comic page out today, with it becoming public as usual on Webtoons and Tapastic on Friday.

Tomorrow, our first Mini-Comic goes public, and we'll be looking for thoughts from our Patrons on what Mini-Comic they'd like to see next.

This week is pretty important for us, Wednesday, we have our degree-year show where we will be showing off the comic so far, and as a result we've been cramming to get as many pages completed for that as possible. We'll still be releasing some concept art and extras for $7+ Patrons that day, however it will be much later in the day than we'd like as a result of the show.

We're also going to begin producing the Wallpaper for this month that our $20+ patrons receive, a heavily watermarked version will be available publicly, and a speedpaint will be coming out later in the month. The Greatest of Beans will get the PSD and un-marked PNG of the wallpaper via email once it's complete.

We thank you all for your support so far, and hope you will stay with us and help us grow and become as successful as your faith in us deserves.

<3 Callum & Anna