01/08/2021 Update

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Good morning and good afternoon to everyone, particularly to those who have stood by this channel for months on end or even since its inception. I hope you are all well.

Over the years of hosting this website and channel I realised something: it takes a special kind of person to thrive in this industry. An interest in Reverse Ryona and femdom is good of course, but you also need creativity, determination and dedication to succeed. Lack any of those, and putting out good content becomes harder and harder.

Over the last year or so I have thought a lot about this channel. I keep telling myself to produce content but for some reason I could not. I feel like I could do better if I wanted to but something is holding me back. To this day, I have not discovered what that "something" is. Maybe I won't ever discover it.  

But I do know that this channel needs a change of pace. A change of implementation, production and communication. Below are some goals I have planned regarding previous and future projects. Please give me your thoughts:

The website

ReverseRyona.net is still a website I hold very dear to me, even if I almost never change it. This is another example of I want to improve, but I am too stuck. For example, I want to create a full videos section with hundreds of RR / Femdom based videos, but the only hosting I found bombard you with pop-up ads. That is not something I want on our site.

I may have found an alternative to host videos with blogger. But I have to explore if this is possible, and if you would like this

Seieki Valley

One game I was working on prior to my hiatus was "Seieki Valley". Unlike the previous releases, Seieki Valley is a platformer game with CGs. Here are gifs of the game:

As you can see, it looks nice at parts, but is still somewhat primitive and lacks functionality. The problem with the game is it is written using an old engine, with old code. Now time has passed, I would have to rewrite the game from scratch to get something good.

Overall, that is it for today's update. I have listed some options below: please pick whichever you like (pick multiple) to see done. If you want to leave a comment or send me an email ([email protected]) then that would also be fantastic!

Much love,

Aki + Mayu

Operation XYX

Operation XYX: The house always wins

Seieki Valley (pixel game)

Website (videos)

Other (send me message)

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